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Homeschooling: Special Needs
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Visual Processing Dysfunction Characteristics

A child struggling with visual processing issues will display some of these characteristics:

  • Reading reversals (“was” for “saw,” “on” for “no,” “big” for “dig,” etc.) after initial introduction of the words.
  • Skipping of small words when reading.
  • Needing to use finger to track after age 7.
  • Oral reading that is smooth at the beginning of the page, but becomes more labored the longer a child reads.
  • Experiencing eye fatigue shortly after reading begins (watery eyes, rubbing eyes).
  • Yawning shortly after reading begins.
  • Continuing to struggle even after being prescribed eye glasses.

Resources for Correcting Vision Acuity Problems

  • Prescription eyeglasses.
  • Vision therapy from a developmental optometrist. (This kind of therapy can be quite expensive.)
  • At-home eye exercises using or
  • Colored transparencies. For information on how to obtain these visit
  • Irlen Lenses (colored lenses placed into glasses for easier use. For more information look for the Reading With Colors book available at
  • PACE program done with professionals.
  • Brain integration therapy. This program can be conducted at home. For more information see for the Instruction Manual.

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