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Homeschooling: Special Needs
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One Struggling Learner Finds Her Voice

The following poem was written and submitted to the 2006 poetry contest by Kathryn Ivie. Her story was profiled in the July/August Court Report but the poem did not run with the article due to space restrictions. We would like to share the rest of the story and show you the grace of God, both in Kathryn’s life and in other homeschoolers’ lives.

Included with Kathryn’s poem was this note from her mother: “Kathryn is 16 and she is autistic. At 7 she had limited speech. We did not know if she would ever be able to communicate verbally…but she has surprised all of us! This poem is entirely Kathryn’s.”

While the judges evaluated Kathryn’s work with no knowledge of its author or background, to her mother, this poem was a miracle.

By Kathryn Ivie

The flowers are blooming; the days are becoming long
The sunshine makes you feel like you’re in heaven
The robin is chirping his favorite song
And newborn bunnies, soft and cute, are in
Litters with as many as seven

God makes the creation beautiful, without cost
Grass becomes green after looking drab brown
Happy people come alive after the deep frost
Daffodils shine like the sun blazing down

Cherry blossoms hover in the sky
Clouds float like soft white bunny tails
Butterflies show their wings and fly
Under the blue sky, a big ship sails

Jesus died for our sins in the first part of the spring
We are all grateful, and worship the King

Kathryn Ivie is an inspiring reminder of HSF’s impact. Through homeschooling, children with special needs can receive the loving, one-on-one attention of their parents, maximizing their learning potential. Through the Home School Foundation, families facing the tremendous expense associated with educating a special needs child at home are enabled to pursue their educational goals. We’re proud to be a part of helping homeschooling families like Kathryn’s.

2006 HSLDA Poetry Contest Winners

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