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Homeschooling: Special Needs
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Can I Do It?

Hundreds of parents who now homeschool their special needs children can testify that you, too, can do it. They will probably also admit to their own initial fears at the prospect of withdrawing their child from a school setting to educate that child at home.

They will tell you that they wanted their child to persevere, so they learned to model that ethic of “plugging away” and “sticking with it”—even on those days when giving up seemed desirable. (Most homeschooling parents, whether the child has special needs or not, will confess that they have felt like “throwing in the towel” at some point during their years of homeschooling.)

You, like them, know your child best and can teach your child at home using real-life experiences in a natural setting to make learning meaningful. You establish a “need to know.” That is taking advantage of actual—not artificial—motivation for them to learn. In the process of doing this, you can emphasize your child’s strengths while you are working on his relevant needs. What had previously been drudgery, now has the potential to become a joy.

Armed with the truth that your fearful feelings are normal, you can now proceed to some other concerns:

  • Who is out there to help me?
  • What curriculum shall I use?
  • How can I spread myself around and manage to teach and care for my other children also?

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