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Brigance Test Rental Procedures

Previously, HSLDA members have had to fill out a paper request form and mail a deposit check in order to rent Brigance tests. Now members can rent the tests online from the HSLDA Store! Click here to order >>

Questions about the Brigance rental? Call Tiffany Mackey at 540-338-5600.

Questions about administering or utilizing the results of the test? Email an HSLDA Special Needs Consultant!

Test Types

  • Yellow Brigance assessment kit:¬†Inventory of Early Development II (2010 updated version) for birth to developmental age 7.
  • Green Brigance assessment kit:¬†Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills II (2010 updated version) for pre-kindergarten through ninth grade level.
  • Blue Brigance assessment kit:¬†Transition Skills Inventory, assesses daily living and employability skills to help middle and high school students gain independence.

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