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Stacey Wolking

Toddlers to Tweens and High School Consultant

Stacey is a tutor, support group leader, and homeschooling veteran with over two decades of experience in home education.

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Why You Want Stacey for Your Event

  • In her role as an educational consultant for HSLDA, Stacey offers practical help and customized support to homeschooling families.
  • Stacey tutors homeschool students in English, reading, and writing.
  • As the co-coordinator of a local homeschool support group, Stacey has hands-on experience with homeschool groups and co-ops.
  • Stacey and her husband homeschooled their four children, all of whom have graduated.
TRAVELS FROMWashington, D.C.
HONORARIUMBecause her workshops are offered as a free service to the homeschooling community, Stacey simply requests that all of her travel, hotel, and related expenses be covered. And if she will be speaking at an event with an exhibit hall, she also requests a complimentary exhibit booth or table.

Sessions by Stacey Wolking

Yes, YOU can teach preschool and kindergarten! In this session, Stacey shares seven foundational abilities and eight key areas of development that you will want to nurture in your children to give them a strong foundation for learning—plus lots of practical ideas for developing pre-K skills and meeting your little ones where they are. BOOK THIS SESSION
1 hour
Don't waste your time and energy jumping through hoops to make your home look like the local preschool or kindergarten. In this session, Stacey reveals what little ones really need most as you nurture language development. You will also come away with lots of (easy and no-curriculum-needed) practical ideas for teaching your littles to love language! BOOK THIS SESSION
1 hour
Boys as young as 11 or 12 often see themselves as men long before we do. Consequently, it can be challenging for moms to convey the deep respect that their sons are hungry for. In this workshop, Stacey discusses how to guide your son into a successful, productive, and confident path for his future. Even if Dad is not as involved as he would like, there are many ways that mom can encourage her son on his journey to God-honoring manhood—including navigating unpredictable hormones and inspiring his purity of heart. BOOK THIS SESSION
1 hour
Clutter and mess is a big joy-stealer and a leading cause of burn-out. Research shows that clutter causes kids stress too. Join Stacey as she helps you calm the chaos, one simple step at a time. You owe it to your family to put the joy back in your home and homeschool. BOOK THIS SESSION
1 hour
Are you feeling overwhelmed? As all-consuming as being a homeschooling mom can be, we want to keep it in perspective: homeschooling is only ONE part of the life God created us for. Join us as we explore five major areas of our lives as women and discover the greatest gift we can give our kids. Stacey also shares ideas for how to keep the “peace that passes all understanding” through the good, the bad, AND the ugly as we examine the definition and the three key elements of a “successful homeschool.” BOOK THIS SESSION
1 hour
As our children head into the middle school years, we are often at a loss for how to keep them motivated and engage their interests and passions. Join us as we discuss how to inspire your children, encourage lifelong productive habits, and determine reasonable expectations—not only in academics, but also in character. We will also explore the tough issues of honesty, integrity, and purity of heart and how to equip our middles with the confidence they need to achieve success. Be encouraged as Stacey shares strategies for enjoying this season with your middle schooler—and making good use of those in-between years! BOOK THIS SESSION
1 hour


Stacey’s childhood dream of becoming a teacher was fulfilled by homeschooling her two sons and two daughters. She and her husband, Daryl, graduated their youngest child in 2013 after more than 20 years of homeschooling using a variety of teaching styles and curriculums. All of their children went on to college, have successful careers, are married, and (bonus!) plan to homeschool. Stacey is enjoying her growing family, especially her four grandbabies—the first of many, Lord willing!

In addition to serving on the Home School Legal Defense Association’s Toddlers To Tweens and High School Consultant teams, Stacey fills her “homeschool retirement years” with tutoring students in her favorite subjects (English, reading, and writing), offering professional home and office organizing services, serving as co-coordinator of a local homeschool support group, and pursuing her passion for natural health and nutrition.

Stacey has focused much of her research and writing on the needs of little ones and is greatly concerned about the ever-increasing cultural pressure to push young children into formal education too soon.

She is also passionate about encouraging and equipping teens to be independent, motivated, and ready to take on the world. It is her greatest joy to encourage parents through every stage of homeschooling by providing support, tools, and resources. With her relaxed and humorous style, she loves to share her heart, enthusiasm, and lessons learned (often the hard way!) through her years of personal hands-on experiences—including all the bumps, trials, and successes.

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