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Dan Beasley

Staff Attorney

Dan is an attorney and homeschool graduate who provides legal guidance and answers questions for HSLDA member families in 13 states.

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Why You Want Dan for Your Event

  • A licensed attorney in California and Wisconsin, Dan is well-versed in the homeschool law of more than a dozen states.
  • He has a juris doctorate from Oak Brook College of Law.
  • Dan and his wife, also a homeschool graduate, homeschool their three children.
TRAVELS FROMWashington, D.C.
HONORARIUMDan is willing to negotiate travel, lodging, and speaker costs.

Sessions by Dan Beasley

Parental rights are foundational to a parent’s right to homeschool. While the Supreme Court has historically recognized parental rights as fundamental, the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Troxel v. Granville in 2000 has led to confusion and intensified attacks on parental liberty. Come learn how you can help protect parental rights for years to come. BOOK THIS SESSION
30–60 minutes
Dan breaks down your homeschool law in easy-to-understand steps to help you homeschool with confidence. He also highlights legal issues and legislation that impact homeschooling and shares some of the ways he is advocating on behalf of homeschooling families. This workshop can be tailored to audience interest and background. BOOK THIS SESSION
30–45 minutes
Despite many stereotypes, homeschooling programs are unique and vary widely based on the student. Dan, a homeschool graduate himself, shares from his experience the benefits and challenges of homeschooling as well as the reasons why he is homeschooling his children. BOOK THIS SESSION
30–45 minutes
The first step in safeguarding your homeschool is knowing your state’s homeschool law. Dan regularly communicates with school officials, social workers, and others regarding the legal requirements and legitimacy of homeschooling. In this workshop, Dan makes sure you know what is legally required of you while equipping you to confidently handle interactions with government officials. BOOK THIS SESSION
30–45 minutes
Homeschool graduates still encounter this phrase when applying for employment, admission to colleges and trade schools, social security, disability, and veteran’s benefits, and participation in extracurricular competitions and programs. While homeschooling is now widely recognized as a legal form of education, there is still much work to be done to ensure that students and graduates are not discriminated against because their parents choose to exercise their right to homeschool.

HSLDA continues to advocate for students and graduates who face this kind of discrimination. Come hear the stories, legal battles, and solutions for how to end homeschool discrimination. BOOK THIS SESSION
30 minutes


Dan serves HSLDA member families and advocates for homeschooling in 13 states. He was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, where he was homeschooled through high school and attended a local community college. He went on to earn a juris doctorate from Oak Brook College of Law and a master’s degree in applied biblical studies from Moody Bible Institute.

While in law school, Dan worked for HSLDA as a legal assistant to HSLDA Staff Attorney and Director of Global Outreach Michael Donnelly. After graduation, he returned to the Midwest and gained experience practicing law at small consumer protection law firm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he eventually accepted management responsibilities. He returned to HSLDA in 2015.

Dan and his wife Bethany (also a homeschool graduate and a photographer) are homeschooling their three children.

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