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Joel D. Grewe

Director of Generation Joshua

Joel is a speaker, teacher, mentor, and political guru with over 20 years of ministry and political experience.

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Why You Want Joel for Your Event

  • As the leader of HSLDA’s Generation Joshua, Joel draws on over two decades of both ministry and political experience to inspire a generation that, in his opinion, will change the world.
  • He has trained thousands of young leaders in civics and political activism.
  • Joel was homeschooled from 6th grade onward, after he convinced his mom to teach him at home.
TRAVELS FROMWashington, D.C.
HONORARIUMJoel is willing to negotiate travel, hotel, and keynote/speaker costs.

Sessions by Joel D. Grewe

Someday, your kids are going to be our nation’s voters. They’ll make decisions that shape the behavior of our government and our county. That’s serious business. Here’s why you should help them learn about those rights and responsibilities beforehand. BOOK THIS SESSION
45–60 minutes
People in leadership often feel that they have to be perfect—or at least fake it well. This can be a crushing burden for a leader, particularly a young one. In this session, Joel explains a wiser model of leadership that admits that the leader will fail, apologize for his or her failures, and go on to lead sacrificially. BOOK THIS SESSION
50 minutes
This is a lecture series on the fine art of leadership and communication. It can be tailored to teens or adults and can be delivered in stages, from a single session to a 4-workshop series. BOOK THIS SESSION
45 minutes per session


Joel started his life of advocacy in 6th grade, when he convinced his mother to homeschool him. He went on to work on Capitol Hill for Congressman J.C. Watts, then delved into the world of demographic research, and now serves as the Director of Generation Joshua.

Today Joel travels across the U.S. training and mentoring young leaders. He draws on over 20 years of both ministry and political experience to inspire a generation that, in his opinion, will change the world.

Joel lives in the Washington, D.C. area with his wife, Christie, and their three children.

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