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Tracy Klicka

HSF Director of Development

Tracy is a speaker, writer, blogger, and veteran homeschooling mom with a heart for families homeschooling through hard times.

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Why You Want Tracy for Your Event

  • In her role at HSF, Tracy brings encouragement and support to families homeschooling through hard times.
  • Tracy has been speaking and writing about homeschool-related topics for over 20 years.
  • Her work has appeared in Christianity Today, among other publications.
  • She contributed to her late husband Chris Klicka’s books on homeschooling.
  • Tracy homeschooled her seven children K–12.
TRAVELS FROMWashington, D.C.

Tracy is available to provide three to six sessions, including up to two general/large group sessions. She requests all travel, hotel, and meal expenses be covered. Her speaking fees are as follows:

  • Convention honorarium: $250 per session for up to 2 sessions; $700 for 3 sessions; $1,000 for 6 sessions
  • Women’s retreat or event honorarium: $500 for up to 3 sessions, or $350 for 1-day event
  • Graduation honorarium: $250
  • There is no fee for her vocal performance at an event where she is scheduled to speak.

Sessions by Tracy Klicka

Tracy has never met a homeschooling mom who, at some point in her homeschooling experience, hasn’t desperately wanted to quit. Sometimes it seems the challenges are more than we can handle—but there is hope. In this talk, Tracy encourages parents to thrive, not just survive, in raising their children for the Lord. BOOK THIS SESSION
1 hour
In this workshop, Tracy discusses the wisdom of doing “all things decently and in order,” and highlights principles of ordering one’s day and organizing the home for the glory of God. She offers special encouragement for both ‘messies’ and ‘born-organizers.’ BOOK THIS SESSION
1 hour
As a homeschooling mother of seven children and the widow of Chris Klicka, who had multiple sclerosis for 15 years before his passing in 2009, Tracy has at times felt overwhelmed often in her homeschooling journey. Yet God is a refuge and strength of every mother who humbly cries out to Him. Come and be encouraged as Tracy shares how God’s grace has been her overflowing sufficiency—and how it can be yours, too. BOOK THIS SESSION
45-minute talk plus optional performance
As Tracy has experienced, it’s not always easy for a homeschooling mom to keep her focus, her joy, or the hearts of her children. More than academics, homeschooling is about growing in God’s grace. If you are feeling discouraged, come and be renewed in five crucial areas of your homeschooling adventure. BOOK THIS SESSION
1 hour
Tracy identifies common causes of stress in homeschooling and family life, and provides helpful ideas on how to deal with stress from a godly perspective. Included in her talk are the issues of lifestyle, use of time, and getting help. BOOK THIS SESSION
1 hour
In this session, Tracy emphasizes the foundational importance of cultivating your child’s relationship with God. She discusses a parent’s primary goal of reaching the heart of a child through godly communication, describes the proper role of discipline, and shares special encouragement for the toddler and teen years. BOOK THIS SESSION
1 hour
Having struggled herself for many years with the frustrations and interruptions that seven children inevitably bring, Tracy has a strong desire to encourage other moms not to forget their number–one priority. Moms can find time to walk joyfully with the Lord in this busy season of life! BOOK THIS SESSION
1 hour
What does parenting look like as your child enters into the young adult years? What are your children’s greatest needs? What priorities do you embrace during this time of your child’s transition into adulthood? With seven adult children, Tracy personally shares some of the struggles, joys, and failures of her parenting, and encourages moms and dads to have great hope in a faithful God who desires to knit the hearts of parents and their children together during this special season of life. BOOK THIS SESSION
1 hour
Our children engage in our world through technology like no other generation has ever before. Computers and communication tools like email, texting, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat can be used in ways that glorify God, but they can also be a means to draw our hearts away from Him. In this talk, Tracy shares some practical tips and experience to help parents and teens navigate this ever-growing world of social networking for the glory of God. BOOK THIS SESSION
1 hour
Every parent has days when they feel like they’re failing or are discouraged. The presence of brokenness and conflict in parent-child relationships points to the reality that families need help! Thankfully, God’s mercy serves as a tremendous example and springboard from which parents and children can grow in communicating with grace. This workshop from Tracy, a veteran homeschooling mom of seven now-adult children, is sure to encourage you! BOOK THIS SESSION
1 hour


Tracy Klicka homeschooled her seven children K–12. All of her children have graduated and several are married; Tracy loves being a mom and grandma.

As a seasoned homeschooling parent and a gifted writer and speaker for over 20 years, Tracy has addressed thousands of parents at homeschool conventions and women’s events to encourage families in the joys and blessings of the homeschooling lifestyle. She writes regularly for Homeschooling Today and other publications, and she has appeared on television both nationally and internationally. She has contributed to her late husband’s several books on homeschooling, and blogs at www.tracyklicka.com as well as for HSLDA’s Everyday Homeschooling blog column.

Currently serving full-time as Director of Development for the Home School Foundation, Tracy loves to help provide assistance to families homeschooling through hard times.

Tracy lives in northern Virginia.

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