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Homeschooling Grows Up
No problem!

Beyond graduation
Can they get into college?
Can they get a job? Sure!
Involved in their communities

Civic involvement

Enjoyment of life


About the study


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Socialization? No problem!

Every parent who homeschools has been through the drill: “Oh, you homeschool. Aren’t you concerned about your child’s socialization?” Even TIME magazine picked up on the question: “Homeschooling may turn out better students, but does it create better citizens?” (“Seceding from School,” TIME, August 2001.)

Homeschooling parents have known the answer for years: “No problem here!” But critics demand proof. Today, the first generation of homeschooled students has “grown up,” and there are enough homeschool graduates to begin to see how they are succeeding in their homes, in their work, and in their lives.

In 2003, the Home School Legal Defense Association commissioned the largest research survey to date of adults who were home educated. Conducted by Dr. Brian Ray of the National Home Education Research Institute, the study surveyed over 7,300 adults who were homeschooled. Over 5,000 of these had been home educated at least seven years, and the statistics in this synopsis are based on their responses. The results confirm what homeschoolers have thought for years: “No problem here.”


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