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Homeschooling Grows Up
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Beyond graduation
Can they get into college?
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Involved in their communities

Civic involvement

Enjoyment of life


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Enjoyment of life

Enjoying life

Taking all things into consideration, 59% of the subjects reported that they were “very happy” with life, with another 39% declaring that they were “pretty happy” (Figure 8). Life is exciting for most (73%, Figure 9). When compared to the general population of the United States, homeschool graduates are just more content.

Figure 8. Happiness quotient
Figure 9. Perspective on life
Figure 10. Job satisfaction
Figure 11. Financial situation
Figure 12. Most important factors for success
Figure 8-12

Appreciating their “alma mater” (and “pater”)

For parents who sometimes wonder whether they are doing the right thing by homeschooling their children, it will be an encouragement to know that 95% of the homeschool graduates surveyed are glad that they were homeschooled (Table 3). In the opinion of the homeschool graduates, homeschooling has not hindered them in their careers or education. Eighty-two percent would homeschool their own children. Of the 812 study participants who had children age 5 or older, 74% were already homeschooling (Figure 13).

Table 3.How has homeschooling affected your life?
Table 3

Figure 13. Type of education adults who were
home educated provided for their children

Figure 13


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