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Homeschooling Grows Up
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Civic involvement

Civic affairs: engaged citizens

Only 4.2% of the homeschool graduates surveyed consider politics and government too complicated to understand, compared to 35% of U.S. adults (Table 2). This may account for why homeschool graduates work for candidates, contribute to campaigns, and vote in much higher percentages than the general population of the United States (Figures 2 through 7). For example, 76% of homeschool graduates surveyed between the ages of 18–24 voted within the last five years, compared to only 29% of the relevant U.S. population (Figure 7). The numbers of homeschool graduates who vote are even greater in the older age brackets, with voting levels not falling below 95%, compared to a high of 53% for the corresponding U.S. populace. Interestingly, the three participants in the age-55–69 category were also more civically active than their peers nationwide (but the sample size was so small that this category was/is not included in the figures).

Figure 2. Contributed money to a candidate/political party/political cause.
Figure 3. Worked for candidate/political party/political cause.
Figure 4. Attended a public meeting.
Figure 5. Wrote/telephoned editor/public official or signed a petition.
Figure 6. Participated in a protest or boycott.
Figure 7. Voted in national/state election in past 5 years.
Figure 2-7


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