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Why Typing Matters!

  • We live in a world where knowing how to type is a pre-requisite for success! It is safe to say that the majority of jobs on the market involve typing in some way or another.
  • When typing becomes a sub-conscious process, you are able to concentrate more on the content of your work rather than on the mechanics of getting it down.
  • Can make writing more fun especially for a child with sensory issues or problems holding a pencil.
  • Promotes a sense of achievement and pride in written work.
  • It is a skill your child will use throughout their lifetime.

This program is the fastest growing learn-to-type program in America and it’s the only program designed specifically for homeschoolers. Practicing just 15 minutes a day can turn your child into a proficient typist within 4 months.

Your child is guided through the program, preventing them from advancing too quickly until they demonstrate proficiency at each level of learning. Our exclusive Finger Guides (sold separately) attach to most keyboards and keep their fingers on the Home Row to reinforce proper typing position.

Keyboard Classroom is proud to offer all HSLDA members a fifteen percent (15%) discount off the base price of either Keyboard Classroom learn-to-type software license ordered via our website ( using an HSLDA coupon code. Discount does not apply to shipping costs.

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