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The Homeschool Handbook™ magazine is written and edited for today’s homeschooling family. Its focus is to provide the high caliber of editorial excellence that home educators demand to make it a trusted resource. The Homeschool Handbook™ highlights issues and trends that are of interest to homeschooling families by providing editorial content written by both home educators and award-winning experts to help them meet the challenge of a quality focused educational environment.

The Homeschool Handbook™ is dedicated to offering the homeschooling community information about all aspects of the homeschool experience and lifestyle, including organization tips, recipes, crafts, inspirational articles, teaching tips and more. In the words of Judy D., one of our readers, “THAT was the BEST homeschooling magazine I have EVER read! I kid you not! So interesting, enlightening, and full of useful resources and information!”

Because we believe that the HSLDA shares our commitment to supporting and assisting those involved in homeschooling, we are offering its members a 15% discount off our regular subscription price.

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