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Have you had a hard time finding:

  • Attractive Scripture prints for the walls of your home?
  • Scripture note cards for thank you notes, notes of encouragement and gratitude notes?
  • Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving cards that portray the true meaning of each holiday?
  • Birthday Cards that point the recipient to Spiritual things?
  • Gifts containing Scripture for friends and family members?

Scripture Designs came into being in 2007 when three siblings joined forces and began designing note cards. But note cards weren’t our real theme—gratitude was. Gratitude is an attitude that is expressed physically and verbally throughout our day. It brings joy to both the giver and the receiver. Some practical articles that grew from our personal experiences are now available on our site along with the note (gratitude) cards we designed to make it happen.

Meditating on Scripture has such a powerful transforming action on our lives it seemed a shame to just tuck it away in a card so we made it our second theme and converted our card designs into Scripture prints for our home as well. These prints help keep God’s Word before our eyes throughout the day so we can experience true success. A lovely framed print makes a wonderful gift of encouragement to sharpen a loved one in his/her walk with the Lord.

Recent expansions into greeting cards grew from our desire to encourage others with the true meaning and importance of the Christian holidays.

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