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Creation Museum
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Museum admission

The Creation Museum, located 7 miles west of the Cincinnati airport, brings the pages of the Bible to life. Enjoy over 140 exhibits in addition to theater presentations, the Stargazer's Planetarium, and an exotic petting zoo.


On your walk through biblical history, you'll encounter a realistic Garden of Eden, animatronic Noah, Flood dioramas, stunning video displays, and much more. The museum invites you to learn about God's creation by diving into the Bible and scientific evidence to discover facts and logical arguments you may not have considered before.

Stargazer's Planetarium

Sit back and be amazed as the Stargazer's Planetarium projector displays vividly realistic images upon a 30-foot-diameter dome. The digital projector showcases a spectacular gravity-defying spaceflight, a thrilling 22-minute ride billions of light years away to the vast outer regions of our universe.

Petting Zoo

See a variety of animal kinds as you stroll through the family-friendly petting zoo, designed to give guests a hands-on experience with God's amazing creatures. Animals you might encounter during your visit include a donkey, zorse, zonkey, alpacas, camels, coatis, goats, wallabies, and more.

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