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Unbound (formerly CollegePlus)
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Up to $300 off
customized degree plan

Want to kickstart your higher education journey? Unbound (formerly CollegePlus), a division of Lumerit Education, has helped more than 15,000 homeschool students graduate college at a faster pace—and for a fraction of the cost!

Faster Graduation

Whether you're a student in high school, in college, or a parent who never finished your degree, Unbound can help you navigate the college process more efficiently. Unbound's Central Registrar's Office helps build a personalized degree plan for each student, and allows students to bypass the headache of contacting multiple colleges for pricing and transfer policies. With a database of over 750 colleges and universities, Unbound will show you your options and help you identify the school, major, and classes best suited to your life, schedule, and personal goals.

Lower Costs

Unbound students typically save 30-50% on the cost of college education. HSLDA members have access to additional special discounts on Unbound services!

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