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Home Science Tools
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At Home Science Tools, we want to help homeschool families like yours catch the excitement of hands-on science discovery. Since 1994 we have been providing affordable lab supplies and curriculum to help families have fun with science. Take advantage of our offerings with a 10% discount for HSLDA members!

Science Supplies

Home Science Tools has an extensive selection of science products available, including high-quality, affordable microscopes. Whether you're using a curriculum or not, your whole family can get excited about science through kits like our Young Naturalist's Backpack Kit or the Chem C500 chemistry set. Find test tubes, petri dishes, rock collections, books, and supplies for special projects such as science fairs.


We also have a large selection of science curriculum, including the popular, homeschool-friendly Apologia courses. This curriculum is written in a conversational style that is easy to understand and great for independent learning. Our Apologia curriculum is discounted 20%!

Science Kits

Finding the right hands-on materials for your science curriculum can be intimidating and time-consuming. To make teaching science easier for you, we have developed unique science kits that provide all the materials you need in one convenient package. Each kit contains all those hard-to-find items from preserved specimens to labware. We have kits available for each science course published by Apologia, Alpha Omega, A Beka, Bob Jones, and Switched-on-Schoolhouse.

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It's easy to browse for products and compare options when you have a print catalog in front of you! Request a free catalog on our website or call us at (800) 860-6272.

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