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Homeschooling Today Magazine
Overall: 4.2
Satisfaction: 4.2
Value: 4.4
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Every issue packed with essential tools for successfully educating your children at home!

  • One of the most respected homeschool magazines available
  • Published 6 times per year, by homeschoolers, for homeschoolers
  • Offers fresh and relevant material by some of the best writers in homeschooling in each issue

No other homeschooling magazine gives you instantly usable features like these...

  • A focus on not only the mechanics of homeschooling, but also the mission and metrics of homeschooling. Homeschooling Today is one of the most comprehensive home education magazines available, providing everything from unit studies and literature reviews to encouragement for mothers and leadership helps for fathers!
  • Homeschooling Today is a magazine for the novice and the veteran home educator alike, and a great resource for the whole family!
  • Understanding the Arts and Music Through the Centuries. Available only in Homeschooling Today magazine, these pull-out sections invite your children to discover art and music from a Christian perspective.
  • The Father's Heart. Encouraging words of wisdom designed specifically for homeschooling fathers by R.C. Spoul, Jr.
  • Hearth and Homeschool. Humorous, uplifting and challenging articles written especially for homeschooling mothers. Enjoy a cup of tea and find encouragement for the adventure of homeschooling.
  • Balancing the Scales. Reports on issues and trends in home education by some of the leading statistical and legal experts in the fields.
  • Living Literature. Books that stretch your children's minds and give moral instruction by example, all chosen by homeschooling parents. Each issue includes selections for three age groups along with discussion questions and activities.
  • And so much more!!!

Homeschooling Today magazine - Learning from the Past with a Vision for the Future - Subscribe Today!

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