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1-2-3 Just Play with Me
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1-2-3 Just Play with Me is a tool that gives parents of newborns to 3-year-olds creative ideas to encourage learning through purposeful play. It includes 75 easy-to-use cards that tell parents what to expect for each of the five main areas of early development (cognitive, gross motor, fine motor, speech and language, and social and emotional) and pairs those milestones with education and play ideas.

Building Brains with Play

In a world where parents feel pressured to have their babies reading by 18 months and socially successful before preschool, play is at risk. Developmental, creative, and unstructured playtime actually makes children smarter! Play:

  • Reduces stress in children
  • Provides an outlet to develop socially while enjoying the natural progression of language and motor skills
  • Creates and strengthens the bonds between children and their families
  • Encourages creativity
  • Provides the sensory input every child needs

Making Life Easier for Parents

1-2-3 Just Play with Me compiles 20 years of combined experience by early intervention therapists in a format that is quick and easy to use:

  • Post the card for your child's age or stage on the fridge or somewhere else handy.
  • When you have a few free minutes in the day, use the ideas on the card to learn about your baby.
  • Engage your child with the purposeful play ideas included on each card.

Learn more and view sample cards.

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