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Kids Cook Real Food
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Online video course

Help your children discover the joy of cooking with Kids Cook Real Food, an online video course for children of all ages. This self-paced course will build independent chefs while you're all having fun in the kitchen together.

Your children will learn how to:

  • Use ingredients to make something without anyone else's help
  • Feed themselves healthy foods as they grow into adulthood
  • Discover and nurture their strengths as they gain confidence in the kitchen

Katie (or Mrs. Kimball, as she's referred to in the course) has done the hard work for you so teaching your children to cook is easy and fun.

Kids Cook Real Food gives you:

  • Up to 24 weeks of lessons that you can complete at your own pace
  • More than 45 professionally produced videos that will captivate your child's attention, even if they have trouble sitting still
  • Recipe book made just for kids (but with real dinners instead of chicken nuggets and French fries)
  • Downloadable lesson plans that are easily skimmable for busy parents
  • Over 30 basic kitchen skills your child needs to make their own food
  • Quality time with your children that is also productive!

Ready to start cooking?

  • Learn more about Kids Cook Real Food.
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