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Discovering Relational Wisdom 2.0
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Interactive online course

Discovering Relational Wisdom 2.0 is an interactive online course that Christian parents and children can use to develop relational skills and learn conflict resolution techniques that can lead to a more peaceful and productive homeschool experience.

Relational wisdom helps families develop God-centered, biblically-grounded, gospel-driven relationships. As families develop these skills, they can enjoy several benefits:

  • Reduced family tensions and conflict
  • Gospel-centered interactions rather than condemning attitudes
  • More patience, understanding, and gentleness toward each other
  • Children who can moderate and express their emotions
  • Parents who respond with compassion rather than judgment to help their children make wiser decisions
  • Increased empathy and thoughtfulness between spouses
  • Improved relationships in other areas, such as work and church

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Note: Discovering Relational Wisdom 2.0 is an interactive online course that parents and children can take together. Although the key principles and demonstration videos are simple enough for 10-year-olds to understand, we suggest that parents register for the course and go through a couple of lessons to decide which of their children are mature enough to benefit from this training.

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