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Record keeping service

Applecore is a simple record keeping service, designed to help homeschool families stay organized, keep records, and create transcripts or grade reports.

Record Courses & Grades

Track your child's courses, grades, and credits on the Courses & Grades section of Applecore. If your family doesn't like to label your child's work with a grade, no problem! You can choose from pass, excellent, satisfactory, and others.

Create Report Cards & Transcripts

Once you have entered your child's grades and courses, you can print his or her report card and transcript with a simple click of a button.

Track Attendance

Keeping a record of your child's attendance is easy with Applecore's attendance tracker. Just enter your child's attendance, save, and then export to a .pdf file to print or email if needed.

Document Activities

Creating a portfolio in Applecore is a breeze! Just enter your child's activities along with the begin and end dates, and voila! You're done. If you need to save your child's portfolio to a .pdf, you can with a simple click of a button.

Manage Schedules

Finding it hard to keep up with your children's multiple schedules? Applecore's scheduler will be a big help to you! Simply enter their classes and activities on the scheduler for easy viewing. You can leave it as is or export to .pdf for printing or emailing.

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