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2/20/01 5:09:16 PM
Scott A. Woodruff, Esq., Staff Attorney of HSLDA
Maine--Big Turnout at Hearing Needed to Defeat L.D. 405

From the HSLDA@Capitol Hill E-lert Service...

February 20, 2001

Dear Maine Members and Friends:

Home school families all over Maine have united their efforts to halt
Legislative Document 405, the bill that would require home school
families and private school families to take the Maine educational
assessment. In order for this bill to be killed, it is vital that
there be a large turnout at the hearing.

Caution Regarding Attitude of Sponsor

Some home school families who have called the office of the billís
sponsor, Senator Peter Mills, have been told that Senator Mills is
not going to ask the Committee to move his bill forward at this time,
but instead propose a resolution that a government study be conducted
to investigate "problems" in home schooling in Maine. We must be
cautious on this point. Legislators sometimes change their mind.
There is no guarantee that by Wednesday morning Senator Mills may go
back to wanting to push this bill forward.

In addition, the Committee has enormous discretion. They could push
the bill toward becoming law even if Senator Mills expresses that it
is his intention only to study home schooling. The Committee could
also amend the bill to make it even worse for home schoolers. Because
their decision is so crucial, it is vital that a large contingent of
home school families be present at the hearing to show our
determination and resolve on this subject. Hopefully, by presenting a
strong, united front, we can put this threat to rest for many years
to come.

Home education is one of the most well-studied educational phenomena
of the past 20 years. No new studies are necessary to prove that home
education works. That has already been proven time and time again in
a myriad of contexts. A resolution to study the problems with home
schooling in Maine sounds suspiciously like a pretext for burdening
home school families with additional regulations. Home schoolers must
be present at the Committee meeting not only to oppose LD 405 but to
oppose even a study committee from being formed because such
committees will usually propose restrictive legislation later.

We need a strong finish. We may be near the end of the battle on LD
405. The hearing on Wednesday is truly worthy of your prayers. Please
pray for me, Ed Green, Kathy Kearney, and others who are lined up to
testify on behalf of home school families. Ed and Kathy Green are
coordinating testimony for the hearing.

Sincerely yours,

Scott A. Woodruff, Esq.

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