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February 5, 2001
E-mail from Homeschoolers of Maine

Dear Support Group Leader,

Currently, there is a bill before the 120th Maine Legislature which deserves our full attention and fervent prayers. Legislative Docket 405, An Act to Account for Homeschooled Children under the School Funding Formula and to Require the Maine Educational Assessment for Homeschooled Children, was sponsored by Senator Peter Mills of Skowhegan. The bill has been referred to the Senate Education Committee, but a public hearing has not yet been scheduled. The full text of the bill can viewed at

Homeschoolers of Maine is opposed to the bill for the following reasons:

    1. Homeschoolers are already required to assess their children, making this additional assessment unnecessary.

    2. The MEAs are based on the public school curriculum. Homeschoolers do not use the public school curriculum, making this method of assessment unfair and inaccurate.

    3. It is not fair for the public school to receive 25 percent of per-pupil funding for students for whom they are paying none of the cost of educating.

At this time, representatives from Home School Legal Defense Association, Homeschoolers of Maine, and the Christian Civic League are communicating with the sponsor to see if he can be convinced to withdraw the bill. If this effort is unsuccessful, then we will be asking homeschoolers to contact their legislators and Senate Education Committee members and to attend the public hearing.

Please share this information with your support group, and ask others to pray. We will forward any new details as soon as we receive them. If you have specific questions about the bill or the legislative process in general, please feel free to contact HOME. We will do our best to answer your questions.

Ed Green

Homeschoolers of Maine

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