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April 4, 2001
State v. Cathy C.
Mother incarcerated three days

Filed: February 22, 2001, Stoddard County.

Nature of Case: On April 3, 2001, David Gordon of HSLDA persuaded a Stoddard County circuit court judge to dismiss the educational neglect charges against Cathy C and return her son to her custody. When Cathy C withdrew her second-grade son, Ethan, from public school, little did she imagine that she would be in jail two weeks later. After withdrawing Ethan, Ms. C told the juvenile officer she was considering home education. She wrote to the school superintendent requesting information on home schooling. Eight days after her son's withdrawal from the public school, Ms. C recorded a Declaration of Enrollment in Home Education with the recorder of deeds and notified the superintendent by letter. Nevertheless, on February 22, 2001, after only eight days absence from school, Ms. C was charged with educational neglect and arrested one week later. The child was removed from her custody and placed with the father. Ms. C spent three days in jail before she was released on a $750.00 bond.

Anita Koller, the FHE regional director, appeared with Ms. C to testify regarding Ms. C's home school curriculum and plans. But no testimony was necessary as the Court dismissed the case without a trial.

Last Updated: April 4, 2001.

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