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Email Text

Sample message to send to your friends

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Subject: Ask President Obama to let this family stay!

Dear friend,

I just signed a White House petition to save a German homeschooling family and I think you should, too!

Uwe and Hannelore Romeike left everything they had to come to America to escape persecution for doing something that we take for granted--the freedom to homeschool. They were granted asylum only to have it revoked.

Now Home School Legal Defense Association is appealing their case to the next level. And through a White House petition, HSLDA is also asking the Obama administration to grant them permanent legal status.

The White House will issue an official response to any petition that gathers 100,000 signatures. It requires minimal identification--just your name and an email address. (The government already has far more personal information on those of us who file taxes, open a bank account, or apply for a library card!)

We can't all go to court and argue for this family, but we can all make our voices heard by signing the White House petition. I've signed. Will you?

Just go to and find out all the ways you can help.