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 Case Archive

State v Mr. & Mrs. C
Parents home schooling legally are wrongly charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Loudermilk Family v. Administration for Children, Youth & Families
Social workers and sheriff’s deputies violate family’s Fourth Amendment rights.

Department of Human Services v. H Family
HSLDA defends family against intrusive social worker investigation

Wilson Family v. Riverside County CPS
HSLDA seeks a settlement for children wrongfully removed from the mother’s custody,

S Family v. City of Los Angeles
HSLDA seeks ruling exempting homeschoolers from daytime curfew law.

E. B. v. Dept. of Human Services
Benefits denied on question of valid enrollment

Burt v. County of Orange
HSLDA offers amicus assistance for parental rights

Calabretta v. Floyd, et al
Social workers cannot force their way into private homes

Mrs. W. v. Community Services Agency
HSLDA defends family threatened with reduction of services

Harrahill v. City of Monrovia
Constitutionality of daytime curfew questioned

Mrs. B v. Community Services Agency
Homeschooling family discriminated against by state agency

Marsh v. Bellanca
Based on anonymous tip, officials enter home without consent

Ventura County Dept. of Human Services v. Mrs. B
HSLDA defends family threatened with reduction of services

DeSantis v. Mullvain
Social workers enter home without consent

Mr. and Mrs. Y v. Department of Human Services
Family wrongfully reported as guilty of "neglect"

In re Children of W
Mother charged with environmental and educational neglect

   District of Columbia 
New v. Perry
U.S. soldier ordered to wear U.N. uniform and become part of U.N. force

Romeike Asylum Case
HSLDA supported a first-of-its-kind application for political asylum by homeschooling family from Germany.

Jeffrey v. O’Donnell
Before 1988, Pennsylvania’s homeschool statute required the parent to be “properly qualified” and the curriculum “satisfactory.” In a case brought by HSLDA, the Federal District Court in Pennsylvania ruled the statute unconstitutionally vague. The Federal District Court in Pennsylvania stated stated that “The threat to sensitive First Amendment freedoms mandates judicial intrusion in the form of declaring the particular provision of the law [as applied to homeschools] unconstitutional for vagueness.” Id. At 521. The Court further commented: “when First Amendment rights are affected by the enforcement of a statute, the state law will be held to a higher standard of specificity than might be the case if purely economic regulation was at issue.” Id. At 519. The Court also placed an injunction on defendant-school districts from prosecuting homeschoolers.

In an earlier decision in the same case on September 29, 1988, the Court stated that “parents have a substantial constitutional right to direct and control the upbringing and development of their minor children.” Jeffery v. O’Donnell, 702 F. Supp. 513, 515 (1988).

B Family v. Florida High School Athletic Association

In the Matter of P Children
Allegations of educational neglect from mother—in—law during divorce proceedings

Illinois v. Walters Family
Illinois homeschooled family is dragged into court.

Mr. W v. Department of Veteran Affairs
Veterans benefits denied because of homeschooling

Stone v. Ankeny School District

In the Interest of Jonathon P
Child alleged to be in need of care

Mr. and Mrs. T.
Hostile School District Forced to Back Down

Mrs. W v. Social Security Administration
Social Security benefits wrongfully denied because of homeschooling

In re Sarah D
HSLDA successfully defends family's right to home school

In re M Sisters
Parents charged with educational neglect

State v. Mr. & Mrs. W
Parents summoned to juvenile court for alleged truancy.

F v. Braxton Family
Maine Supreme Court rebuffs grandparents’ request for visitation rights.

Goulart and Travers v. Calvert County
Community centers discriminate against home schoolers

State v. Mary S
Mother charged with violating compulsory attendance law

State v. Kathy D
Criminal truancy charges brought against home schooling mother

Leicester Public Schools v. Mrs L
School files truancy charges for homeschooling

West Bridgewater Public Schools v. Mr. & Mrs. E
Request to home educate denied for failure to provide a phone number

Commonwealth v. Ms. C
Mother charged with failure to cause her child to attend school

In re Care and Protection of Megan
School district alleges child in need of care and protection

Michigan v. Willits Family
A social worker's 'fishing expedition' was dismissed.

Michigan v. Broughton Family
Judge threatens family with a $3,500 fine!

Michigan v. Johnson Family
A Michigan homeschooler with special needs is charged with truancy.

P family v. Social Security Administration
Benefits denied because of homeschooling

State v. S
Father illegally arrested for homeschooling

The People v. DeJonge
Teacher certification struck down as unconstitutional violation of Free Exercise clause

County Dept. of Social Services v. L Family
Family threatened with loss of children for noncompliance with homeschooling law

HSLDA to Court: Let Grandma Teach!
Together with the Home School Foundation, we equipped a grandmother to successfully homeschool, and defended her homeschool program in court.

The Swearengin Case
Missouri Circuit Court Judge R. Craig Carter of Ava has attempted to summon a homeschooling family to appear before a court that doesn’t exist. HSLDA is pursuing legal action in the Missouri Supreme Court.

HSLDA to Missouri Court of Appeals: Stop Illegal “Truancy Court”
On April 1, HSLDA asked the Missouri Court of Appeals to order Circuit Court Judge R. Craig Carter of Ava to stop his attempt to summon a homeschooling family to appear before a court that doesn’t exist.

State v. Cathy C.
Mother incarcerated three days

Camdenton R—III School District v. Mr. and Mrs. F
School district tries to force special education evaluation on homeschooled student

In re J.B.
Court decision reinterprets "school term"

State v. Mr. & Mrs. D
Parents home school materials and records subpoenaed

The Thacker Case
The Nebraska Supreme Court absolved an HSLDA member family of truancy charges.

Hooks v. Clark County School District
Home schooler denied special education services

   New Jersey 
Forstrom v. Fair Lawn School District
Court rules home schooler entitled to special education related services

North Hudson DYFS v. Koehler Family

   New Mexico 
Mr. B v. Van Winkle et. Al
HSLDA sues social worker on behalf of member family

   New York 
The Batt Case
HSLDA sues to protect family's 4th amendment right to home privacy.

Poughkeepsie City School District v. P family
School district requiring IDEA evaluation of child under compulsory attendance age

Livonia Central School District v. D Family
School District requiring IDEA evaluation over parental consent

Paul Owens v. New York Board of Regents
Student dematriculated due to homeschool diploma

   North Carolina 
In the Matter of S
Unlawful order requires parents to submit to investigation

Mrs. L v. Office of Personnel Management
Widow's benefits cut off because of homeschooling

State v. Mr. & Mrs. W
Prosecution threatened for alleged prior lack of compliance with home school requirements

The Ferris Case
Parents temporarily lose custody of newborn because they want to direct medical care.

Combs, et al, v. Homer—Center School District, et al
Families claim religious exemption from home education law

Oley Valley School District v. L Family
School District attempts to force special needs evaluation

C Family v. Social Security Administration
SSI benefits withheld because of homeschooling

Lake County Department of Family and Children v. D Family
Family summoned to court for refusal to allow social worker into home

In Re Gauthier Children: Petition to Compel Cooperation with Child Abuse Investigation
Social services obtained unnecessary order to compel cooperation with investigation

Commonwealth v. Ms. O
Mother convicted of violation of compulsory school attendance law.

Commonwealth v. Mrs. P
Mother convicted of violation of compulsory school attendance law

State v. Mrs. W
Mother harassed by school district.

   Rhode Island 
West Warwick School District v. Mr. and Mrs. F
School committee wrongly revokes approval

East Providence School Department v. Mr. & Mrs. A, et al
Four families denied the right to home school

Horn v. Brown
Civil rights violated through wrongful arrest

In the Matter of Makala G
CPS urges public school order

Department of Children's Services v. Mr. & Mrs. B
Child Protective Services petitions court for temporary custody order

Texas v. Fillman* family
Justice of the Peace Thanks HSLDA for Assistance with Truancy Case

Texas v. McKeever family
Homeschooler wins short—notice court case.

Mrs. M v. Social Security Administration
Benefits denied because of homeschooling

Texas v. Anderson
New homeschooling family charged with truancy

Texas v. Simmons Family
Son arrested for truancy

Texas v. Frazen Family
Homeschoolers face truancy prosecution

Texas v. Leonard family
School district prosecutes homeschooling family

Mary Roe v. CPS
Social workers violate family's 4th Amendment rights

Texas Education Agency et. al. v. Leeper, et. al.

In the Interest of A.B.

State of Texas v. Diana Billingslea

State of Texas v. Patricia Rogers

State v. Dorcas Hill

State of Texas v. Richard G.

City of Balch Springs v. Edmon James

State of Texas v. Gini H.

State v. Mr. & Mrs. Edward Ortiz

State v. Family of P

State v. Mrs. E

State v. Mr. & Mrs. B
Parents charged with violating attendance law

Department of Education v. Mr. and Mrs. L
Due process hearing called for special education student

Mr. and Mrs. M. v. Vermont Department of Education
State Commissioner of Education calls hearing over alleged deficient form

Mr. and Mrs. T. v. Vermont Department of Education
State Commissioner of Education calls hearing over alleged deficient form

In the Matter of R.
Anonymous tip spurs Social Services investigation of homeschooling family

Balderson v. Almasian
Parents wrongfully arrested after notifying superintendent of their intent to home school

Commonwealth v. Louise T
Mother charged with violating compulsory attendance

   West Virginia 
Bevins, et al. v. Calhoun County School Board
School Board policy distorts the law

Miss L v. Commissioner of Division of Motor Vehicles
DMV suspends home school teen’s driver’s license

In the Appeal of George R. Theiss
HSLDA successful in getting veteran’s benefits reinstated.