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Public School Access for Homeschoolers—A Legal Summary


Homeschool students are eligible to participate in activities the Rhode Island Interscholastic League (RIIL) sponsors if they comply with RIIL Rule 3.1.I. Also see Michael and Christie B. Exeter-West Greenwich Reg. School Dist. Comm., Comm. of Ed Decision 0077-91.

Rhode Island Interscholastic League Rule 3, Section 1

I. Home School Eligibility - For students in home schooling to be eligible for competition in the RIIL, the following requirements must be met:

1. The student must be listed on the rolls of the school and certified to the Rhode Island Department of Education as a student.

2. The home school must furnish to the school and certify the academic grades and the school must record them on the official school records on a quarterly basis.

3. If a student is ineligible for academic and/or disciplinary reasons and subsequently becomes home schooled; s/he may not participate in interscholastic athletics during the period of ineligibility.

4. The school must approve the request of the home school student to compete on its teams.

5. All other requirements of the Rules and Regulations must be followed with the regular school certifying the eligibility of the home school student.