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J. Michael Smith, Esq.

Michael P. Farris, Esq.

Public School Access for Homeschoolers—A Legal Summary


Nonpublic school students may request to enroll part-time in public schools. The school board has the authority to accept such students into part-time attendance with restrictions but is not required by law to do so. 105 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/10-20.24. In practice, public schools rarely let homeschool student play on their teams.

According to the Illinois High School Association, each local school determines whether a home school student enrolled at and attending the public school can participate in the school’s interscholastic and activity teams. Other requirements apply:

Children with disabilities enrolled in nonpublic schools (including homeschools) have a right to enroll part-time in public school. Id. 5/14-6.01.

For more information on public school access, see HSLDA’s Issues Library and HSLDA’s State Laws Concerning Participation of Homeschool Students in Public School Activities.

Updated July 14, 2017