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10 Reasons to Join HSLDA

Your Membership Provides You With:
1.  Professional legal representation
As homeschooling fathers, our attorneys share your commitment to home education as a legal right, educational opportunity, and spiritual blessing.

10 Reasons Brochure

Ten Reasons Brochure

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2.  A coalition of 80,000
You become part of more than 80,000 families standing together to protect and advance homeschool freedoms—in the Unites States and foreign countries.

3.  Quick action when freedoms are threatened/monitoring of state and federal legislation
We monitor state and federal legislation that could affect your homeschooling freedoms, and through email and the internet, we provide up-to-the-minute news, and opportunities for immediate responses.

4.  Research and analysis
We fund research to investigate the characteristics and results of homeschooling and to provide statistical data for use in the courts and legislatures.

5.  Valuable discounts
HSLDA has negotiated discounts on products and services we believe you will find truly valuable. Details...

7.  A voice in Washington D.C.
We bring your voice to Washington, D.C., reminding the federal government that it has no jurisdiction over homeschools, and we work to keep homeschooling legal and safe; now, and for the future.

8.  A positive image in the media
HSLDA presents an engaging, informative, and dynamic picture of the homeschooling community to the public and the media.

9.  Support for home schooling organizations
We support state and local homeschol groups by providing information, regional and nation leadership seminars, and networking.

10.  Specialized services
HSLDA offers the expertise of High School Coordinators to member families. We also have Special Needs Coordinators available to assist families that are homeschooling struggling learners.