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 In The News (2019 Archive)

May 7:
Homeschooling Gaining Ground Among Filipino Families

May 6: Sequim Gazette, Sequim, Washington
Homeschool Bands Score Well at International Festival

May 2: The Denver Post, Denver, Colorado
Vaccination Bill Dead in Colorado Senate

May 2: KDVR-TV Channel 2, Denver, Colorado
Controversial Vaccination Bill Abandoned in Colorado Senate

April 29: KRIS-TV Channel 6, Corpus Christi, Texas
Homeschool is becoming a More Popular Choice in Education

April 29: KTVA-TV, Anchorage, Alaska
More Alaskans are Joining the National Trend in Homeschooling

April 28: The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia
Homeschool Parents Pitch open Access

April 23:
Cuban Pastor, Wife Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison for Homeschooling

April 19: KSDK-TV Channel 5, St. Louis, Missouri
This Homeschool Prep Baseball Team Seriously Slugs

April 16: WDAM-TV Channel 7, Hattiesburg, Mississippi
A Lesson in Home Education

April 14: Seattle Times, Seattle, Washington
How Does Homeschool Fit into Solutions for “Nontraditional” Students?

April 13: KAUZ-TV Channel 6, Wichita Falls, Texas
Mock Trial Provides Homeschool Kids Real Courtroom Experience

April 12: Connecticut Post, Norwalk, Connecticut
Parent: Homeschool a “Steak Education” vs. Public School’s “McDonald’s”

April 2:
Quebec’s New, Stricter Regulations “Defeat the Purpose” of Homeschooling, Parents Say

April 1: The Guardian, London, United Kingdom
Council Register of Homeschooled Children Proposed

March 29: El Dorado News-Times, El Dorado, Arkansas
Homeschool Group to Put on “Mary Poppins”

March 26:
Guideline Threatens Punishment Against Homeschooling Parents

March 24: WIFR-TV Channel 23, Rockford, Illinois
Rockford FIRE Wins Two Gold Balls at National Homeschool Tournament

March 23: National Catholic Register
Despite Challenges, Homeschooling Grows and Gains Acceptance

March 22: Chinook Observer, Long Beach, Washington
Family Takes Homeschooling on the Road

March 23: KTNV-TV Channel 13, Las Vegas, Nevada
Alternative School Options becoming More Available for Parents

March 20: Good Morning America
Gifted 16-year-old Student Will Use New License—to Drive Herself to Law School

March 18: Press & Sun-Bulletin, Binghamtion, New York
Chapter of Homeschool Organization Catholic Schoolhouse Opens in Binghamton

March 17: The Pioneer, Bemidji, Minnesota
Learning at Home: Individualized Learning Leads Families to Embrace Homeschooling

March 10: The Loop
Curriculum Fair Helps Trinidad and Tobago Homeschoolers

March 5: The News & Advance, Lynchburg, Virginia
Library Provides Legos for the Homeschooled

March 5: KRCG-TV Channel 13, New Bloomfield, Missouri
New Bill Would Allow More Opportunity for Homeschool Students

Febrruary 19:
Growing Number of Local Families Homeschooling

February 18: The Chronicle, Augusta, Georgia
Homeschool Community Staple in Last Year of Teaching

February 14: Tampa Bay Times, Tampa, Florida
Homeschooling Gains Popularity in Hernando County. Parents Say There’s no Single Reason Why.

February 7: Evening News, Manchester, United Kingdom
“I’ve Homeschooled My Five Children, and They’re Academic, Artistic and Happy.”

January 30: KXLT-TV Channel 47, Rochester, Minnesota
Amidst Frigid Temperatures, Learning Continues for Rochester Homeschool Families

January 30: The Franklin News-Post, Rocky Mount, Virginia
Bill would Target Franklin County’s Homeschool Policy

January 25:
Homeschooled Students May now be Eligible for High School Athletics, Extracurriculars

January 25: KYTX-TV Channel 19, Tyler, Texas
Parents Gather to Advocate for Homeschooling as Option

January 15: WECT-TV Channel 6, Wilmington, North Carolina
Southeastern Homeschool Learning Life Lessons through Basketball

January 15: Baptist Press
European Homeschool Ruling “Ignores” Parents’ Rights

January 14: Education Week
Homeschooling in America: Why Families Teach at Home

January 14: Argus Leader, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Homeschooled Students One Step Closer to Level Playing Field for Opportunity Scholarship

January 11: Kenosha News, Kenosha, Wisconsin
Library a Hub of Homeschool Activity

January 3:
More Homeschool Oversight Hurts Families, Does Nothing to Protect Kids, Says National Advocate

* Links do not imply endorsement *