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 In The News (2014 Archive)

December 26: The Item, Huntsville, Texas
Lawmaker Hopes to Clear Homeschool Students for UIL Activities

December 19: The Blaze
Colorado Governor’s Office Says Comment About Government’s Role in Education Was Taken Out of Context

December 15: The Blaze
D.C. Backs Off Plan to Make Superintendent the “Head” of All Home Schools

December 15: Fort Bend Star, Stafford, Texas
Fort Bend Homeschool Chargers Football Continue to Grow Program

December 14:
KS judge: Homeschoolers Prepped for Life in the 15th Century

December 13:
Child’s Injured Toe Warrants Weekly Unannounced Homeschool Investigation?

December 6:
Common Core Qualms Spike Homeschool Numbers

December 4: The Royal Gazette, Hamilton, Bermuda
Homeschooling: A Good Option?

December 4:
Veteran Homeschoolers Share Tips and How-To’s as More Student Exit Schools Due to Common Core

December 3: The New American
Class Dismissed: New Film Promotes Homeschooling

December 3: The New American
Lawsuit Filed in Homeschool Pepper Spray Incident

November 30: Fox News
Opposition to Common Core Spurs Jump in Homeschooling

November 27:
Common Core Concerns Lead to Homeschool Increase

November 25: Fort Morgan Times, Fort Morgan, Colorado
School Board Looks to Pass Revised Homeschooling Policy

November 25: The Daily Examiner, Grafton, Australia
Homeschooling Numbers on the Increase

November 25: The Virginia Gazette, Williamsburg, Virginia
Homeschool Community Thrives in Greater Williamsburg

November 24: Clacton Gazette, Weybridge, United Kingdom
Homeschool Mum’s Campaign

November 23: WMBB-TV , Panama City, Florida
National Homeschool Football Association Wraps Up National Tournament

November 22: American Thinker
Attacking Homeschooling is Attacking Choice

November 22:
Vindictive Officials Seize Homeschool Family’s Assets

November 21: Christian News Network
Homeschool Parents Pepper Sprayed, Tasered By Missouri Sheriff, Deputy in Front of Children

November 21: News-Press, Fort Meyers, Florida
Grassroots Group Meets to Discuss Benefits of Homeschooling

November 20: WALA-TV Channel 10, Mobile, Alabama
Mom Chooses Homeschool over Common Core

November 19:
From Homeschool to Teachers

November 18: News-Journal, Longview, Texas
Pilot Club of Longview Charters State’s First Homeschool Anchor Club

November 11:
17-Year-Old Homeschooled Student Can Focus on Filmmaking

November 11: WNEW 99.1 FM, Washington, D.C.
Report: Homeschooling Rate Nearly Doubles In Virginia

November 9: USA Today
Out of the Classroom: Parents Explore Homeschooling

November 8: Canberra Times, Canberra, Australia
Canberra Homeschool Numbers Soar

November 8: World
Why Homeschool Your High Schooler

November 7: The Missourian, Columbia, Missouri
Debate over Homeschool Participation in Public School Sports could Resurface

November 7: Journal-Star, Lincoln, Nebraska
Officials Scrap Proposed Changes to State’s Homeschool Rules

November 6: WFMY-TV Channel 2, Greensboro, North Carolina
Higher Scores And Cheaper: Should You Homeschool?

November 3: Times-Dispatch, Richmond, Virginia
Homeschooling on Rise in Va., Richmond Region

November 2: WLOX-TV Channel 13, Biloxi, Mississippi
Homeschooling Produces Spelling Champ

October 31: Perryville News, Perryville, Missouri
Homeschool Gym Classes Begin at Perry Park Center

October 31: Time
Homeschooled Kids Shouldn’t Be Scapegoats for Sandy Hook

October 30: WHEC-TV Channel 10, Rochester, New York
Homeschooling, an Anti-Common Core Option

October 25: Star-Herald, Scottsbluff, Nebraska
Homeschooling Offers Opportunities for Area Children

October 24: Tribune-Review, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Bill that would End District-Level Review of Homeschooling in Pennsylvania Goes to Corbett

October 23: The Sun-Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Homeschool Group Helps Vegetable Garden Flourish

October 23: The Huffington Post
Class Dismissed: New Indie Documentary on Home Education Receiving Amazing Audience Response

October 22: Redstone Rocket, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama
Enrichment Program Invites Homeschool Youngsters

October 22: KXLH-TV Channel 9, Helena, Montana
Helena Homeschool Warriors Heading to State Championship

October 19:
Bureaucrats Wrapping Homeschooling in Red Tape

October 16: Fraser Coast Chronicle, Maryborough, Australia
Pupils in Homeschooling, Distance Education on the Rise

October 14: Kokomo Tribune, Kokomo, Indiana
Local Schools Continue Debate of Allowing Homeschool Students to Play Sports

October 10: Barnsley Chronicle, Barnsley, United Kingdom
Elsecar Mum Launches Homeschooling Group

October 5: Miami Herald, Miami, Florida
Miami Springs Baptist Hosts Homeschooling Group

October 5: City Journal
Connecticut Targets Homeschoolers

October 3: The Herald, Killeen, Texas
Homeschool Program Takes Root in Heights Community Garden

October 1: The Herald, Sierra Vista, Arizona
Homeschool Teacher becomes the Student

October 1:
Student Proves Homeschool is Just as Good as Public Education

September 30:
National Homeschool Organization to “Vigorously Oppose” Use of Newtown Shooting to Control Homeschoolers

September 27: National Public Radio
Right and Left Joined Forces in Fight to Legalize Homeschooling

September 26: Star News Online
Homeschooling on the Rise

September 18: News-Press, Fort Myers, Florida
Confusion in Wake of “Misleading” Homeschool Exam Letter

September 17: WKBT-TV, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Assignment: Education—Homeschooling

September 15: Times-Picayune, New Orleans, Louisiana
Homeschool Support Can be Found in Harvey

September 14: The Observer, Fayetteville, North Carolina
Growing Number of Families Homeschool

September 14:
Parents Decide to Homeschool Straight-A Daughter after School Labels Her a Truant

September 14: The Daily News, Jacksonville, North Carolina
Homeschool Fair Links Students, Resources

September 12:The Star, Indianapolis, Indiana
Homeschool Students Have Limited Chances to Play on High School Teams

September 8: Daily Journal, Franklin, Indiana
Homeschooling Thriving in Central Indiana

September 8:
Irish Mom Gets Arrested for Homeschooling Children

September 8: The Daily Signal
In One State, More Children Homeschool Than Attend Private Schools. Why That Shouldn’t Shock You.

September 6: The Spectrum, Cedar City, Utah
Homeschooling Families Enjoy Lots of Family Time

September 5: Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney, Australia
Homeschooling Parents Lash out at Registration Process

August 31: Salisbury Post, Salisbury, North Carolina
Homeschooling is on the Rise

August 29: Washington Free Beacon
Missouri Public School Thwarted From Filing Bogus Charges Against Homeschool Family

August 26: KTAB TV, Abilene, Texas
Back to Homeschool in Big Country

August 25:
I’m Homeschooling My Son because My House is the Only Place Where He’s Not Seen as Dangerous

August 24: Columbia County News-Times, Evans, Georgia
Homeschool Eagles Team Grows

August 22: The State, Columbia, South Carolina
Homeschooling Numbers on the Rise in South Carolina

August 21:,
Passion for Learning Emphasized by Homeschoolers

August 18:
Homeschooling Growing at Record Rate in North Carolina

August 17: Herald-Leader, Lexington, Kentucky
Bill would Let Homeschool Students Play Sports at Public Schools

August 15: Morning News, Savannah, Georgia
Homeschooling Group Collects Support

August 12: Dover Post, Dover, Delaware
Homeschool Student Denied Access to Lake Forest Band after Participating for a Year

August 6: Crowley Star, Burleson, Texas
Homeschool Right Fit for Crowley Family

August 6:
Homeschool Mom Jailed over Paperwork

August 5: The Independent, Ashland, Kentucky
Legislation Sought to Allow Homeschool Students to Participant in Public Sports

August 2: The Journal, Dublin, Ireland
Mother Faces Prison not Paying Fine after Failing to be Assessed for Homeschooling

August 1: Yahoo!
The Joys and Benefits of Homeschooling

July 27: Bangalore Mirror, Bangalore, India
Mom is also the Dean

July 26: KOLO-TV Channel 8, Reno, Nevada
12-Year-Old Boy Headed To College After “Years” Of Homeschooling

July 24: The Daily Caller
Homeschoolers Confident They Can Sink Disability Convention

July 23: Tulsa World, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Learning Doesn’t Stop During Summer for Homeschoolers

July 23:
Group Warns UN Treaty on Persons with Disabilities Can Override Will of Parents

July 23: The Black Star, Atlanta, Georgia
Many African-Americans Choosing to Homeschool Children

July 19: The Washington Post, Washington, D.C.
Artisan Couple Forges Ahead

July 19: Citizen-Times, Asheville, North Carolina
Trailblazers Let Homeschool Students Play Sports

July 18: Herald-Zeitung, New Braunfels, Texas
Group Advocates, Teaches on Homeschooled Education

July 16: KMOT-TV Channel 10, Minot, North Dakota
Homeschool Teacher Creates Website

July 14: The Patriot Post
Homeschoolers Contend With Common Core

July 12: BBC
Kent County Council Warned Homeschool Register Plans “May be Illegal”

July 10: The Enquirer, Cincinnati, Ohio
Homeschoolers Take on Common Core Reforms

July 9: The Tennessean, Nashville, Tennessee
Homeschooling Family Reaps Benefits

July 3: Channel News Asia
The Path Less Taken: Homeschooling in Singapore

July 3: WCTV-TV, Tallahassee, Florida
Homeschooling In Reaction To Common Core Standards

July 3: The Heartland Institute
Online School: Is It Homeschooling?

July 2: The Advertiser, Montgomery, Alabama
Homeschooled Baker Takes Different Path to Faulkner

July 2:
The Growth of Homeschooling

June 30: The Elkhart Truth, Elkhart, Indiana
Homeschoolers May Need GED Before Getting Job at NiSource, Company Says

June 30: Citizen-Times, Asheville, North Carolina
Trailblazers Let Homeschool Students Field Teams

June 27: The Christian Institute
Northern Ireland: Final Day for Homeschool Consultation

June 26: BBC
Homeschool Parents Angry over Plans to Monitor Their Teaching

June 25: Times-Gazette, Shelbyville, Tennessee
Homeschool Kids Show Creative Sides

June 23: New York Post, New York, New York
Government’s Attack on Homeschooling

June 20: The Telegraph, Sydney, Australia
Central Coast Homeschool Parents’ Petition Prompts NSW Parliamentary Inquiry

June 19:
Christian Homeschooling Families Lead Fight Against Common Core Standards

June 16: WJLA-TV Channel 7, Washington, D.C.
Homeschool Parents Fight Common Core Education Standards

June 12: The Christian Institute
Homeschooling Clampdown in Northern Ireland

June 9: PBS Newshour
While Louisiana Lawmakers Debate Common Core, Some Parents Turn to Homeschooling

June 7: The Patriot-News, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Perry County Commencement Ceremony Fetes Homeschool Grads

June 7: Sun-Times, Chicago, Illinois
Convention in Naperville Draws Thousands to Talk about Homeschooling

June 2: Whitecourt Star, Whitecourt, Alberta, Canada
Homeschooling Options for Parents

May 31:
Irish Children to Determine Whether Parents are Fit to Homeschool?

May 26: Lacombe Globe, Alberta, Canada
Wolf Creek Home Education Program $65,000 under Budget

May 24: WGHP-TV Channel 8, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Homeschoolers Celebrate Growth in Winston-Salem

May 22: Capital Gazette, Annapolis, Maryland
23 Area Teens Celebrate Homeschool Graduation

May 18: Bradenton Herald, Bradenton, Florida
Manatee’s Homeschool Graduates Celebrate

May 17: The Australian, Sydney, Australia
Homeschooling Takes off in Queensland Amid NAPLAN Stress, Bullying Fears

May 16: Cherokee Tribune, Canton, Georgia
Homeschool QB Eyes Future

May 15: The Today Show
The Brainy Bunch: Family’s Homeschooling Method Sends 7 Children to College by Age 12

May 10: The Daily Standard, Celina, Ohio
Homeschool Moms Take on Challenges of Teaching

May 9: The Sentinel, Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Families Discuss Benefits of Homeschooling

May 9: The Tribune, Greeley, Colorado
Portraits of Weld County Homeschool Families: The Dallows

May 9: Fox News
Company Rescinds Ohio Man’s Job Offer after Learning He was Homeschooled

May 6: The Christian Science Monitor
Homeschool Teen Graduates College at 15

May 6: The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio
Homeschooling Families Kick up Their Heels at Square Dance Event

May 6: BBC
Homeschool Register is Dropped after Parents’ Backlash

April 29: World Magazine
Homeschool Family among Tornado Victims

April 27: Jakarta Globe, Jakarta, Indonesia
Individual Approach to Education with Homeschooling

April 27:
Rabbi Brings Jewish Homeschooling to the Web

April 27: The Oklahoman, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Homeschooling is Popular Option in Oklahoma

April 26: Daily Record, Ellensburg, Washington
CWU Science Students Leading Homeschool Classes

April 24: Shawano Leader, Shawano, Wisconsin
Homeschoolers Honing Musical, Comedic Skills

April 24: WVUE-TV Channel 8, New Orleans, Louisiana
Homeschool Saints

April 22:
U.S. Congressmen Meet with German Ambassador to Urge Homeschooling Freedom

April 18: The Press-Enterprise, Riverside, California
Student Takes Homeschooling into Wild, Blue Yonder

April 16: The Charlotte Observer, Charlotte, North Carolina
Cabarrus Homeschooling Continues to Grow

April 16: Altus Times, Altus, Oklahoma
Homeschool Bands Perform for Salvation Army Soup Kitchen

April 13: The Daily News, Hays, Kansas
Homeschoolers Share Curricula at Event

April 12: CBC News
Alberta Homeschool Convention Offers Creationist Textbooks

April 10: The Journal, New Ulm, Minnesota
Homeschooling Families Say Cooperative Benefits Students

April 9: Poynette Press, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
Local Parents Advocate Homeschooling

April 8: The Tennessean, Nashville, Tennessee
Homeschool Band Plays for Final Four Fans

April 8: Capital Journal, Annapolis, Maryland
Homeschool Students Show off Displays at Scholastic Fair

April 8: Peninsula Daily News, Port Angeles, Washington
Northwinds Homeschool Band Brings Back Awards from California Festival

April 4: The Economist
The Homeschool Conundrum

March 29: Winnipeg Free Press, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
“Unschooling” is in

March 28: Northwest Herald, Crystal Lake, Illinois
Hultgren to Host “State of Homeschooling” Event

March 28:
Lessons from a German Homeschooling Family about the Nanny State

March 27: Idaho State Journal, Pocatello, Idaho
Homeschool Students to Perform Original Play in April

March 26: Key Peninsula News, Lakebay, Washington
Camp Seymour Influences the Future Culture of Homeschooling

March 22: Northern Virginia Daily, Strasburg, Virginia
Homeschool Day Teaches Battlefield Basics

March 21: The Herald, Killeen, Texas
Homeschooled Children Learn about Gardening

March 20: Fort McMurray Today, Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
Local Parents Exploring Homeschooling Options

March 18:
Bill Allowing Homeschooled Athletes to Compete at Public Schools Runs into Opposition

March 13: National Public Radio
U.S. Signature Absent from UN Disability Convention, Celebrated at Paralympic Games

March 13: The Casper Journal, Casper, Wyoming
Homeschool Lego Teams Compete Globally

March 12: The Tribune, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Homeschool Students Get Hands-on Experience at Fort Ligonier

March 10: The Herald, Sierra Vista, Arizona
Homeschooler Named Regional History Bee Champ

March 10: Liberty News Online
UN Behind Worldwide Plan to Appoint Overseers for Children

March 9: The Christian Post
German Homeschool Family’s Reprieve and Implication on U.S. Educational Policy

March 6: Post-Bulletin, Rochester, Minnesota
Cole, Rochester Homeschool Chasing Title

March 6: KQCD-TV Channel 7, Dickinson, North Dakota
Family Talks About Homeschooling

March 6: WHNT-TV Channel 19, Hunstville, Alabama
Common Core Controversy: Parents Opt For Homeschooling Route

March 3: Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake City, Utah
Bill Advances to Remove Homeschool Curriculum Rules

March 3: Christian Post
Supreme Court Declines to Review Asylum Case of German Homeschoolers

March 2: The Eagle, Wichita, Kansas
Wichita Homeschool Students Making Strides in Robotics Competition

March 1: Marietta Daily Journal, Marietta, Georgia
Student to Represent Cobb at Oratorical Contest

February 28: The New American
Citing UN Treaty, Scotland Assigns Overseer to Every Child

February 27: Catholic Education Daily
Evangelization Begins in the Home: Exclusive Interview with Seton Home Study

February 21: The Tennessean, Nashville, Tennessee
Families Can Find Help with Homeschool Groups

February 20: WABI-TV Channel 5, Bangor, Maine
School Choices in Maine: Homeschooling

February 19: WTVM-TV Channel 9, Columbus, Georgia
Be There: The Benefits of Homeschooling

February 18: Purdue Exponent, West Lafayette, Indiana
Physical Education Student Teaches Homeschoolers Gymnastics

February 18: South Jersey Times, Woodbury, New Jersey
Homeschool Students, Red Cross Help Children in Emergency Shelters

February 17: The Advocate, Stamford, Connecticut
Homeschooling Numbers and Opportunities Grow

February 14: World magazine
A Wild Ride from Homeschool to Sochi

February 9: Bismarck Tribune, Bismarck, North Dakota
Learning at Home

February 8: The Lima News, Lima, Ohio
A True Learning Experience

February 8: News-Times, Danbury, Connecticut
Homeschooling Numbers and Opportunities Grow

February 2: The Lantern, Columbus, Ohio
Ohio State Applications from Homeschooled Students Rising

February 1: The Advocate Messenger, Danville, Kentucky
Faith-Based Homeschool Group Shines

January 31: Intermountain Catholic , Salt Lake City, Utah
Homeschooling Offers an Alternative Way of Teaching for Catholic Families

January 30: The Age, Melbourne, Australia
Homeschooling on the Rise

January 29: The Christian Post
Homeschooling: Who Controls Our Children’s Future?

January 27: The Daily Progress, Charlottesville, Virginia
Supporters of Homeschool Sports Access Optimistic for Bill’s Chances

January 24: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Atlanta, Georgia
Bill would Lower HOPE Scholarship Requirements for Homeschool Students

January 24: The American Conservative
Why It’s so Hard to Come out of the Homeschool Closet

January 22: The New York Times, New York, New York
Owning Up to Being a Homeschooling Parent

January 14: The Washington Post, Washington, D.C.
Virginia Lawmaker Seeks to Clarify Education Law on Religious Exemptions

January 14: Christian Post
Homeschool Mom Whose Newborn Was Seized by Hospital Speaks Out

January 9: Jackson Hole News, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Homeschool Group: Let Teen Take Classes

January 8:
Judge: Homeschooling a “Concrete Endangerment” to Kids

January 7: South China Morning Post, Hong Kong, China
Legal Loophole Opens up Chance for Homeschooling

January 1: Jerusalem Post, Jerusalem, Israel
Committee on the Rights of the Child: More Regulations on Homeschooling

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