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 In The News (2004 Archive)

Dec. 28: The News-Sentinel (Indiana)
Family Lessons: Homeschooling is Attracting Mainstream Families For a Variety of Reasons

Dec. 26: The Aberdeen American News (South Dakota)
Lawmakers Want State to Monitor Homeschool Tests

Dec. 25: Deutsche Welle (Germany)
Living Room Lessons Not Easy in Germany

Dec. 14: Daily Local News (Pennsylvania)
Area families claim home schooling law erodes religious freedoms

Dec. 13: Daily Local News (Pennsylvania)
A Day in the Life

Dec. 13: The Des Moines Register (Iowa)
Homeschooling Passes Test in Achievement Scores

Dec. 13: Daily Local News (Pennsylvania)
Homeschooling: A Social Anomaly?

Dec. 12: The Des Moines Register (Iowa)
When Parents are the Teachers

Dec. 11: Pacific Daily News (Guam)
Homeschooling Child Can Be Fulfilling

Dec. 9:Tech Central Station
Too Cool for School

Dec. 7: The Plainview Daily Herald (Texas)
Wayland Science Program for Homeschoolers Getting Financial Assistance

Dec. 6:Claremore Daily Progress (Oklahoma)
Parents Find Homeschooling Rewarding

Dec. 3: The Princeton Packet (New Jersey)
Sweet Harmony

Dec. 2: The Rankin Ledger (Mississippi)
A Clean Business

Dec. 2: The Advocate (New Jersey)
Following In Her Sister's Footsteps

Dec. 1: KWWL (Iowa)
Home Schooling Becomes More Popular

Nov. 29: (Michigan)
Homeschooled Children Find Way To Play Sports

Nov. 29: Agape Press (Virginia)
Homeschool Honoree Examines 'Fruit' of Public Education

Nov. 28: (Illinois)
Homeschooling is Attracting Mainstream Families

Nov. 22: The Day (Connecticut)
Homeschool Band Organizers Meet To Outline Lessons

Nov. 21: Daily Freeman (New York)
Dozen Doesn't Faze Them: Family With Six Children Makes Room For Six More

Nov. 15: The Birmingham News (Alabama)
Homeschooling Makes the Grade on Preparation

Nov. 10: WBAL-TV 11 (Maryland)
Homeschool Student's Dispute Over School Record Continues

Nov. 11: WHSV (Virginia)
Homeschooling Hits the Valley

Nov. 10: Belvoir Eagle (Virginia)
Homeschoolers Get Support, Socialization

Nov. 10: WXIA-TV Atlanta (Georgia)
Homeschoolers: Breaking Myths

Nov. 9: Bankrate (Michigan)
Adding Up The Cost of Homeschooling

Nov. 8:The Record Herald (Pennsylvania)
Homeschooling Growing in Local School Districts

Nov. 8: (Kansas)
Homeschooling Makes Difference For KCK Girl

Nov. 8: The Day (Connecticut)
Homeschooling: It's Probably Not What You Think

Nov 5: NewsNet5 (Ohio)
Students Say Homeschooling Prepared Them For College

Nov. 5: Washington Post (Ohio)
'It's a Victory for People Like Us'

Nov. 4: News-Leader (Missouri)
Homeschooling's Popularity Up

Nov. 3: The Marlborough Express (New Zealand)
A Classroom at Home

Nov. 1: Portales News-Tribune (New Mexico)
For Some, Homeschooling Has Advantages

Oct. 31: Kalamazoo Gazette (Michigan)
Number of Homeschooled Continues to Rise

Oct. 29: Pioneer Press (Minnesota)
People in Your Neighborhood

Oct. 28: News & Record (North Carolina)
Mock Election Keeps Teen With Political Aims Busy

Oct. 26: The Roanoke Times (Virginia)
Too Young to Vote? You Can Still Make a Difference

Oct. 26: The Washington Post
Another Way To Learn

Oct. 25: The Oklahoman (Oklahoma)
Families Know How To Live Large

Oct. 22: The Daily Citizen (Arkansas)
Homeschoolers Take The Road Not Taken

Oct. 21: The Kalamazoo Gazette (Michigan)
Homeschool Spirit

Oct. 19: The Daily Camera (Colorado)
Home and Beyond

Oct. 18: The Christian Post (Pennsylvania)
Families Fight for Authority Over Homeschooling Education.

Oct. 14: The Michigan Daily (Michigan)
Homeschooled Students Excel

Oct. 14: Sentinel and Enterprise (Massachusetts)
Homeschool Parents Not Happy About Regulations

Oct. 12: The New York Times
Fake Presidency, at Least, Captured by a Conservative

Oct. 12: The Clarion-Ledger (Mississippi)
Homeschooling Worries Official

Oct. 11: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pennsylvania)
Homeschool Parents Sue State Over Religious Freedom

Oct. 10: Los Angeles Daily News (California)
Creating a Class of Their Own

Oct. 8: The Sun Herald (Mississippi)
Traditional Marketplace Discovers Growing Homeschool Community

Oct. 4: Tribune-Review (Pennsylvania)
Homeschoolers Chafe at State Law

Sep. 28: Poughkeepsie Journal (New York)
For Some, Home is Where School is

Sep. 28: Tribune-Review (Pennsylvania)
Homeschooling Law Challenged by Parents

Sep. 26: The Jackson Citizen Patriot (Michigan)
School At Home Is on the Rise

Sep. 24: Los Angeles Times (Georgia)
Practicing Faith and Football

Sep. 23: MSNBC (Florida)
Home Schooling On The Rise

Sep. 22: Muskegon Chronicle (Michigan)
Home—schoolers incensed by drill scenario

Sep. 22: WorldNetDaily (Michigan)
Anti—Homeschooling Bigots Strike Again

Sep. 16: The Regional (Illinois)
Barnett Kids Getting More Than Education at Home

Sep. 16: CLARION NEWS (Pennsylvania)
Keystone Reverses Home School Policy to Allow Some Participation

Sep. 14: World Net Daily
Homeschoolers Hit Campaign Trail

Sep. 12: The Arizona Republic (Arizona)
Home Schooling On The Rise

Sep. 12: Mail Tribune (Oregon)
At—Home Learners

Sep. 9: The Washington Post (Virginia)
Live and Learn

Sep. 8: The Oregonian (Oregon)
HOME: Students Who Learn At Home Gather For a Day of Camaraderie

Sep. 8: World Net Daily (Germany)
Judges Try To Snatch Homeschoolers

Sep. 7: The Quincy Herald-Whig (Illinois)
Family Classroom

Sep. 6: Telegraph-Journal (New Brunswick)
Homeschools Work: Study

Sep. 1: The York Dispatch (Pennsylvania)
Homeschool Haven

Sep. 1: World Net Daily
Baptists Start Homeschooling Organization

Sep. 1: Metro West Daily News (Massachusetts)
Home is Where The Student Is: Not All Newton Homeschoolers Fit The Stereotype

Aug. 30: Petoskey News Review (Michigan)
Homeschooler Wins Six Blue Ribbons At Fair

Aug. 29: The Intelligencer (Pennsylvania)
State Sets The Rules

Aug. 29: The Intelligencer (Pennsylvania)
A Quiet Revolution

Aug. 27: GM Today (Washington)
Parents’ Recipes Use Religious Values as Base

Aug. 26: FOX News (Pennsylvania)
Homeschoolers Fight Regulations

Aug. 26: The Lafayette Daily Advertiser (Louisiana)
Homeschool Desks Filling Up

Aug. 24: The Indianapolis Star (Indiana)
Homeschool Help's Ready At Library

Aug. 23: The Daily Progress (Virginia)
Homeschoolers form tight community

Aug. 23: The Oklahoman (Oklahoma)
Households Convert Back to Homeschool Traditions

Aug. 22: The Holland Sentinel (Michigan)
Back to (Home) School

Aug. 20: The Advocate (Louisiana)
For Zachary Family, Homeschooling Also Includes Learning to Sew

Aug. 20: The Leaf-Chronicle (Tennessee)
Homeschoolers Learn Together at Koinonia Education Co—op

Aug. 17: KTRE (Texas)
Some Students Prefer a Permanent Homeroom

Aug. 16: KSL TV (Utah)
Wyoming Archer Hopes for Gold

Aug. 16: NBC 6 (Texas)
Homeschoolers Head Back to School, Too

Aug. 15: The Kansas City Star (Kansas)
Homeschooling a Course in Economics

Aug. 15: The Boston Globe
Reading, Writing & Right—Wing Politics

Aug. 13: CNN
Put Your Feet Up, It's Time for School

Aug. 13: The Arizona Republic (Arizona)
There's no place like home school

Aug: 12: Arizona Business Gazette (Arizona)
Serving The Home Schooled

Aug. 12: Casper Star-Tribune (Wyoming)
Homeschoolers Gear Up For The Fall

Aug. 12: The Indianapolis Star (Indiana)
School Board Member Home Schools Because He Can

Aug. 10: Boca Raton News (Florida)
Home Schooling on The Rise in The Boca Area

Aug. 10: Santa Cruz Sentine (California)
Homeschooling Gains Popularity Across Nation

Aug. 6: The Daily Post-Athenian (Tennessee)
Local Teen Is Illustrating Series of Children’s Books

Aug. 6: The Clarion-Ledger (Mississippi)
Schooling At Home Growing In Popularity

Aug. 5: East Valley Tribune (Arizona)
More Students Than Ever to Get Home Schooling

Aug. 4: The Brownsville Herald (Texas)
Home Is Where The Teacher Is

Aug. 3: FOX News Network (District of Columbia)
Ed Dept: 1.1M Students Home—Schooled

Aug. 2: In Focus (Pennsylvania)
Experts Watch Home School Legal Challenge

Aug. 1: The Star Online (Malaysia)
At Home In School

Jul. 31: Tribune-Review (Pennsylvania)
Lawyer: Lawsuit Should Be Dismissed

Jul. 30: The Guardian (England)
More Parents Choose To Educate Children At Home

Jul. 29: Centre Daily Times (Pennsylvania)
Religious Freedom Law Used To Challenge Home Schooling Oversight

Jul. 29: The Indianapolis Star (Indiana)
Homeschool Dad Joins School Board

Jul. 28: The Philadelphia Inquirer (Pennsylvania)
Home School Law Put to Test

Jul. 27: The Morning Call (Pennsylvania)
District Retains Homeschool Policy

Jul. 27: The Washington Post (Virginia)
Correcting Misconceptions About Homeschooling

Jul. 23: The Leader (Illinois)
Local Homeschool Mom Serves Community, Meets the President

Jul. 23: The Pantagraph (Illinois)
A Team of Their Own

Jul. 21: MIT Alumni Assocation (massachusetts)
The Benefits of Home Schooling

Jul. 20: The Morning Call (Pennsylvania)
Easton Area Eyes Policy

Jul. 19: Harvard Political Review
All Work Is Homework

Jul. 19: The Arizona Republic (Arizona)
School Can Be Moving Experience

Jul. 18: Los Angeles Daily News (California)
Blanket Drive Warms Girl, 12

Jul. 16: The Saratogian (New York)
Homeschooling Moms Add Book Group to Curricula

Jul. 15: News 14 Carolina (North Carolina)
District May Ban Homeschool Kids From School Activities

Jul. 15: Mt Shasta News (Oregon)
Homeschooler Earns BA at 18

Jul. 14: Naples Daily News (Florida)
Some Families Prefer Home For School

Jul. 13: The Allen American (Texas)
Home—schooling continues to grow in popularity

Jul. 13: Iowa City Press-Citizen (Iowa)
Students Receive Merit Scholarships

Jul. 12: Baptist Press (Tennessee)
Homeschool Family Adventure Offers Fun, Learning & Renewal

Jul. 12: The Arizona Republic (Arizona)
Homeschooling Right Choice for Daughters

Jul. 8: The Oneida Daily Dispatch (New York)
Homeschooled Student Looks Forward to College

Jul. 8: The Seattle Times (Washington)
Labor Laws and Personal Beliefs Collide

Jul. 8: The Honolulu Advertiser (Hawaii)
Mid—Pac Teaches Homeschoolers

Jul. 7: The York Dispatch (Pennsylvania)
At 17, Painter's Talent and Passion Emerge

Jul. 2: The Philadelphia Inquirer (Massachusetts)
Unheralded Teen Bolts Into Women's Open lead

Jul. 2: (Virginia)
Full of Imagination

Jun. 29: Business Wire (Tennessee)
Dollywood's Home School Day Set for Aug. 27; Special Activities, Craft Demonstrations Await Students

Jun. 29: South Bend Tribune (Michigan)
'Take It And Read It'

Jun. 26: The Times (Indiana)
Home Is Where The School Is

Jun. 26: Winston-Salem Journal (North Carolina)
CHOICE: Black Family Sees Value of Homeschool

Jun. 25: The Leaf-Chronicle (Tennessee)
Family Building Bonds by Building Playground

Jun. 24: The Advocate (Connecticut)
Homeschoolers Take a Bow in Own Theater Production

Jun. 21: The Fort Morgan Times (Colorado)
5,000 Join Christian Home Educators Meet; Local Students Capture Awards

Jun. 21: The Virginian-Pilot (Virginia)
State’s Homeschooling Laws Still Under Debate

Jun. 20: The State
Area Man Backs Call to Pull Children From Public Schools

Jun. 17: The Times-Picayune (Louisiana)
Homeschoolers Earn Math Olympiad Awards

Jun. 16: The Telegraph (Georgia)
Deighan: Bonaire Homeschooler Pitches Prep Team to Title

Jun. 16: The Wichita Eagle
Cal Thomas: Public School Exodus Makes Sense

Jun. 14: Protland Press Herald (Maine)
Two Boys Win for Solar Car Creativity

Jun. 13: News-Journal (Florida)
Florida Sees Jump in Homeschooled Children

Jun. 10: AgapePress (Florida)
Christian Dad Hopes SBC Will Favor Anti—Public School Proposal

Jun. 10: Newsday (Connecticut)
Homeschool Graduates Put Personal Stamp on Graduation Ceremonies

Jun. 10: The Telegraph (Kentucky)
Homeschool Families to Gather

Jun. 9: The Winchester Star (Virginia)
Homeschool Soccer Teams Savor Competition

Jun. 9: WorldNetDaily
Baptist Resolution Gets Critical Endorsement

Jun. 7: La Crosse Tribune (Wisconsin)
Band of Homeschoolers is Ready for a Concert

Jun. 8: Post-Tribune (Indiana)
Duneland Board tells Homeschoolers 'no’

Jun. 7: WLOX
Minister Asks Parents To Take Kids Out Of Public Schools

Jun. 7: The Star (Indiana)
Mom, Dad Can Take Bow, Break

Jun. 5: Palm Beach Post (Florida)
Homeschool Graduation Ceremony

Jun 2: The American News (South Dakota)
Fix Oversight For Home Schoolers

Jun 1: WorldNow (Arizona)
Law Would Allow Homeschoolers Equal Admission Guarantees

Jun 1: East Valley Tribune (Arizona)
Homeschoolers Also Celebrate

May 30: Newsday (New Jersey)
Parents Challenge Restrictions On Homeschooling

May 30: CBS Broadcasting (New Jersey)
Parents Challenge Home Schooling Restrictions

May 27: The Fort Morgan Times (Colorado)
Homeschool Net Hosts Meet

May 27: This Week (Ohio)
Local Homeschooler Wins Top Prize

May 27: The Island Packet (South Carolina)
Area Homeschool Students Attain Graduation Goals

May 26: Bellefontaine Examiner (Ohio)

May 25: Bucks County Courier Times (Pennsylvania)
Parents Rally in Trenton

May 25: CNN (Arkansas)
Arkansas Family Celebrates Birth Of 15th Child

May 24: Mackinac Center for Public Policy (Michigan)
Home Schooling: An “Encouraging and Robust” Movement

May 21: Pahrump Valley Times (Nevada)
Homeschool Has Positive Effect on Pahrump Family

May 23: Lansing State Journal (Michigan)
Homeschooled Athletes Gain Exposure

May 22: WORLD Magazine
MARRIAGE: Let's Work on Actually Saving Marriage, Not Be Content to RedeFine It

May 21: The Wall Street Journal
There's No Place Like Home

May 20: Arlington Catholic Herald (Virginia)
A Family Rebuilds

May 19: The News-Journal (Florida)
Port Orange Girl Shows Perfection Crystal Clear

May 17: The Daily Sentinel (Colorado)
Homeschoolers Organize Graduation

May 18: The Aberdeen American News (South Dakota)
Homeschooled Students Could Face Exit Exams

May 16: The Miami Herald (Florida)
`This is like home school 101'

May 14: The Mississippi Press (Mississippi)
Commencement Services Set For Three Schooled at Home

May 5: Education Week (Virginia)
Va. Plan Would Ease Standards

May 12: Agape Press (Maryland)
'Space Day' Award Garners Kudos for Home Schooling, Creationist View

May 10: Insight
Analysis: A New School of Thought

May 8: Toronto Star (Canada)
Reading, 'Riting, Reverence

May 7: Leesburg Today (Virginia)
Patrick Henry Graduates First Four—Year Class

May 6: News and Record (North Carolina)
Baptists Propose Schools Boycott

May 5: Bucks County Courier Times(Pennsylvania)
Families Claim State Law Infringes On Their Rights

May 5: Bucks County Courier Times (Pennsylvania)
Couple Won't Abandon Religious Convictions

May 5: The Star-Ledger (New Jersey)
Outside Looking In

May 4: World Net Daily
Baptist Activists: Pull Kids Out of School

May 3: The Australian (Australia)
Keeping Education All in the family

May 3: Arizona Daily Wildcat (Arizona)
Likins: Let UA Decide Homeschool Entry Policy

Apr. 29: Gainesville Daily Register (Texas)
Homeschoolers Hold Science Fair

Apr. 29: Rocky Mountain News (Colorado)
'Invisible Army' Key in GOP Matchup

Apr. 27: Bucks County Courier Times (Pennsylvania)
Couple Say District Should Butt Out of Homeschooling

Apr. 25: Sentinel And Enterprise (Massachusetts)
Homeschool Shows Rising Popularity In Area

Apr. 25: Tri Valley Herald (California)
School, in the comfort of home

Apr. 24: World Net Daily (British Columbia)
Homeschoolers Barred From Religious Materials

Apr. 22: The American (Maine)
Bringing the Classroom Home

Apr. 21: The Lincoln Courier (Illinois)
Homeschool Popularity is Difficult to Gauge

Apr. 21: The Fresno Bee (California)
Homeschool Confidential

Apr. 21: The Independent (United Kingdom)
The Bible College That Leads to The White House

Apr. 19: Helena Independent Record (Montana)
Rimini Boy Wins Stamp Contest

Apr. 18: The Jackson Sun (Tennessee)
Expo Addesses Homeschooling Issues

Apr. 16: NBC4 (Minnesota)
This Mother's Day, Hug A Homeschooler

Apr. 16: Star Tribune (New York)
For many, family room doubles as a classroom

Apr. 12: The Daily Northwestern (Illinois)
Schooling in Sports

Apr. 12: Bradenton Herald (Florida)
Parents Find Flexibility, Authority in Homeschools

Apr. 12: KSL Television & Radio (Utah)
Homeschooled Students Heading to Mock Trial Nationals

Apr. 10: Bowling Green Daily News (Kentucky)
HomeSchool Group Expanding to Offer New Options

Apr. 9: The Washington Times (Japan)
Home Study Gives 'Freedom'

Apr. 7: The-Bee (Wisconsin)
Unique Baskets Make Special Gifts

Apr. 5: The Miami Herald (Wisconsin)
Milwaukee Entrepreneur, 21, Lets Intuition Guide Business Decisions

Apr. 6: The Bay City Times (Michigan)
Schools Aren't Smorgasbords for Sports

Apr. 5: The Tullahoma News (Tennessee)
Rally Day Commemorates 20th Anniversary of 'Legal' Homeschool in Tennessee

Apr. 1: Marco Island Sun Times (Florida)
Marco Homeschoolers March to a Different Drum

Mar. 30: Albuquerque (New Mexico)
Exclusion Stirs Heated Debate

Mar. 30: The Courier (Texas)
Homeschool Parents Denied MISD Venues, Vow to Fight

Mar. 29: The Free Lance-Star (Virginia)
Homeschooling Extension

Mar. 27: The Monterey Herald (California)
Parents and Teachers Fight for 'Liberty'

Mar. 26: Community News (Pennsylvania )
Postmistress Puts Her Stamp on Job

Mar. 25: The Gazette (Maryland)
More Parents Decide to Become Children's Teacher

Mar. 25: Voice of America (Tokyo)
Home Schooling on The Rise in Japan

Mar. 24: Times Union (New York)
Parents Feel Lessons Make The Grade

Mar. 23: The Christian Science Monitor (Massachusetts)
Homeschoolers Keep the Faith

Mar. 21: The Boston Globe (Massachusetts)
Schoolhouse Rocked

Mar. 19: The State (South Carolina)
Homeschool Proposal Rejected by SCHSL

Mar. 17: Rocky Mountain News (Colorado)
Massaro: Teen wins with 'virtue, vigilance, valor'

Mar. 16: WorldNow/WISTV (South Carolina)
Homeschool Students Hope for Chance to Play on Public School Sports Teams

Mar. 15: 1010 WINS (New York)
NYS Educators Crackdown On Homeschoolers

Mar. 14: Newsday (New York)
New Regulations Prompt Complaints From Homeschooled Students

Mar. 12: Gannett Wisconsin Online (Wisconsin )
Some Parents Prefer Freedom, Flexibility of Homeschooling

Mar. 11: Times Community (Virginia)
Homeschooling Is a Shared Commitment in Clarke and Loudoun

Mar. 10: Peninsula Clarion (Alaska)
Education on Wheels Kenai Family Takes Homeschool Studies on the Road

Mar. 9: The Morning Call (Pennsylvania)
BASD Officials Argue Against Extracurriculars for Homeschoolers

Mar. 8: New York Times (New York)
College for the Homschooled Is Shaping Leaders for the Right

Mar. 5: The Jackson Citizen Patriot (Michigan)
Political Role Reversal

Mar. 5: Bozeman Daily Chronicle (Montana)
Springhill Homeschooler Wins County Spelling Bee

Mar. 4: The Daily Press (Virginia)
Homeschool Showdown

Mar. 3: Valley Independent (Pennsylvania)
Homeschool Policy Change a Possibility

Mar. 1: The Daily Press (Virginia)
Senate Passes Bill Relaxing Homeschooling Standard

Feb. 26: The Winchester Star (Virginia)
We Band of Brothers

Feb. 26: The Daily Press (Virginia)
Senate Panel Backs Homeschooling Measure

Feb. 26: (Oregon)
More Parents Turn to Homeschooling

Feb. 26: NewsSource 13 News (New York)
Homeschooling In 2004

Feb. 25: The Free Lance-Star (Virginia)
School Smarts

Feb. 24: Madison Daily Leader (South Dakota)
Home—schooled Students Could be Allowed in SDHSAA Activities

Feb. 23: Village Soup Times (Maine)
Homeschooling Approaches Mainstream

Feb. 23: WorldNetDaily (West Virginia)
Bill Forces Shots on All Children

Feb. 22: The Fayetteville Observer (North Carolina)
Homeschool Team Grabs Math Crown

Feb. 20: The Roanoke Times (Virginia)
Senators Deadlocked on Homeschool Issue

Feb. 18: Greeley Tribune (Colorado)
Homeschool Student Wins Essay Contest With Old English Story About Columbus

Feb. 17: (Idaho)
Measuring Homeschoolers

Feb. 12: Journal Gazette & Times-Courier (Illinois)
Committee Against Allowing Homeschooled Students in Extracurricular Activities

Feb. 10: WQAD (Iowa)
Should Homeschooling be Monitored From Outside the Home?

Feb. 10: Minot Daily News (North Dakota)
Lesson in Survival

Feb. 9: (North Carolina)
Many Parents Turn To Homeschooling For Kids

Feb. 9: News 10 Now (New York)
Homeschooled students display scientific talent at the MOST

Feb. 9: The Clarion-Ledger (Mississippi)
Bill seeks public—school option for homeschooled students

Feb. 9: AgapePress
Groups Hope Bush Puts Action Behind Verbal Commitment to Defend Marriage

Feb. 6: The Daily Mississippian (Mississippi)
UM treats all applicants similar

Feb. 4: The Herald-Sun (North Carolina)
Parent Appeals for School Team for Homeschooled Son

Feb. 3: (South Dakota)
School Districts Could Have to Monitor Homeschool Tests

Feb. 3: (Virginia)
Homeschooling Qualifications Relaxed in Virginia

Feb. 2: (New Jersey)
Parents Of Homeschooled Children on Defensive Following Proposed Bill

Feb. 2: The Columbian (Washington)
ExCEL—ent Edge: Homeschoolers' Program Helps Prime Kids for Science Success

Feb. 2: The Detroit News (Michigan)
Homeschooling Wins Converts

Feb. 1: The Westerly Sun (Rhode Island)

Feb. 1: (New Jersey)
Homeschool Families Fight N.J. Test Bill

Jan. 31: The Star-Ledger (New Jersey)
At NJIT, She Gets an A for Amazing

Jan. 28: The Patriot-News (Pennsylvania)
Some Pupils Can't Get a Break

Jan. 27: Family News in Focus
Homeschoolers Fight N.Y. Bureaucracy

Jan. 27: The Gazette (Montreal)
Staying Home is a Great Way to Learn

Jan. 26: The New & Advance (Virginia)
Making the Grade: A Growing Trend Toward Home Instruction

Jan. 26: ABC News
Colleges Noticing Homeschooled Students

Jan. 21: (Vermont)
Teaching Driver's Ed

Jan. 21: The Boston Globe (Massachusetts)
A Homemade Education

Jan. 20: The Commercial Appeal (Tennessee)
HOME Scores

Jan. 16: The Herald-Sun (North Carolina)
Boy Just Wants to Play Ball

Jan. 14: The Times (Indiana)
Network Helps Homeschoolers Group Stay in Touch

Jan. 14: WorldNetDaily
Homeschoolers vs. Big Brother

Jan. 12: The Herald-Tribune (Florida)
More Families Teaching at Home

Jan. 12: The Herald-Mail (Maryland)
Teaching Kids at Home

Jan. 12: Knoxville News Sentinel (Tennessee)
Scores Don't Add Up for Some

Jan. 11: The Clarion-Ledger (Mississippi)
Parents' Hands—on Influence Pivotal in Homeschooling

Jan. 9: eMediaWire
Video Game Retailer Reports Skyrocketing Interest in Educational Games

Jan. 9:
HAM Radio and Homeschooling: A Good Fit

Jan. 8: The Star-Ledger (New Jersey)
Jackson Starvation Case Spurs Bill to Monitor Homeschooling

Jan. 5: King County Journal (Washington)
Homeschooling is Full—time Job for Family

Jan. 4: King County Journal (Washington)
Homeschool "Grad" Works for Microsoft

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