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West Virginia
West Virginia

March 7, 2006

HSLDA Request Yields Changes in West Virginia Sports Bill

Home School Legal Defense Association generally neither opposes nor supports legislative efforts to give homeschooled students the right to participate on public school sports teams. We do, however, carefully review proposed sports access legislation to make sure they would not create unintended problems.

In early February, we reviewed a draft of a proposed bill that would have allowed West Virginia homeschool students to participate on public school teams. The bill contained language which had the potential to create very significant problems for homeschool families.

We communicated with the bill's proponents and explained that in order to protect the freedom of our members, we would oppose the bill unless the problematic language was removed.

After several discussions, the proponents agreed to remove the troublesome language. We subsequently assured them that we would not oppose the bill, provided no further changes were made on the bill.

The draft became House Bill 4684 and Senate Bill 708, and the bills were introduced in their respective houses in late February.

HSLDA neither opposes nor supports the bills based on their current content.