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August 29, 2011

Freedom at Stake in “Mandatory” Online Filing

An HSLDA member just asked us this question:

“I just checked the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction [DPI] website to see if we are required to file online ... and it states that this is your only option .... They state ... that they will not allow any exceptions, that all families planning to homeschool are required to file online. Could you please let us know if this is legal?”

The DPI is simply wrong. You can file your statement of enrollment (SOE) using the proper paper form.

The DPI has made it difficult for families to submit their SOE. They have made the paper form unavailable. They have set up their computer program so that so you cannot complete the online version without supplying the gender of your children and school district of residence—information you are not required to submit under law.

HSLDA will continue to make available to our members a paper version of the SOE. You may scratch out “male-female” on the paper form. You may leave the box “school district of residence” blank if you wish. You may leave “street address” blank if you only wish to enter a mailing address.

Sometimes freedom is threatened by hurricane-like, dramatic storms. And sometimes it is threatened by erosion from many small rain drops, like government agencies making unlawful demands that don’t seem “that bad.”

But there is no amount of freedom we will surrender. History teaches it is much easier to protect a freedom in the first place than to restore it once it’s lost. HSLDA will continue to fight every government effort to restrict your freedom to homeschool your precious children—including the demand to submit information online.

Thank you for your continuing support of HSLDA, and thank you for partnering with us and homeschool families in every state in America to protect freedom from threats of every size. We can’t do it without you!

For details about additional significant errors on the Wisconsin DPI website, read “Don’t Trust the DPI Website!”