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June 7, 2006

Family Turned in to Both Social Worker and School District

The Ambrose family in Hayward, Wisconsin was minding their own business, faithfully homeschooling their children. Little did they know the two surprises that awaited them!

They received a knock on their back door right before lunch time, only to find a social worker from Sawyer County standing there. The social worker informed the family that she had received a tip that “someone in the community was concerned” because one of the member family‘s children was not reading “up to his ability.”

Shortly before the visit, the family was also surprised to receive a letter from the Hayward Community School District demanding that the family verify that they were following the state’s homeschool requirements by providing a school calendar and course outlines. The letter indicated that the law required the family to keep these records and to send them to the school district upon request.

The family contacted Home School Legal Defense Association asking for help. HSLDA Attorney Chris Klicka faxed a letter to the social worker verifying that the family was following the homeschool requirements of their state, and that they were declining any services offered by the County due to the fact that their homeschool program was working very well.

Attorney Klicka then sent an additional letter to the Hayward Community School District informing them that the school calendar and course outlines were not required by law and that such demands were illegal. In addition, Klicka verified that the family was operating their homeschool program according to the state law, and that no interference from the school was necessary.

Since sending the letters, the family has not heard from the social workers or school district.