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Family’s Notice Eaten by the Internet?

by Peter Kamakawiwoole • October 16, 2018

A Vermont home study family started their homeschool year with a scare when their local school district contacted them asking when their children were planning to attend public school.

The family has been homeschooling for several years, so the question left them especially confused. They decided to ask Home School Legal Defense Association for assistance.

We discovered that the misunderstanding likely arose from a computer error.

Each year, the Agency of Education sends a list of students enrolled in a home study program to the state’s various public school districts. This information is gleaned from homeschool enrollment notices which, for the first time this summer, were submitted by families via a new online form.

It turns out that even though the family had submitted their information to the Agency of Education in July, using the agency’s new electronic form, the family’s name was not on this list.

Fortunately, the issue was resolved quickly. After confirming that the agency had the family’s notice of intent, I contacted the school district on the family’s behalf, explaining that the family’s notice had been filed as required by law and that they were entitled to begin their home study program. The school district promptly withdrew its demand that the children attend public school.

Unfortunately, we also discovered while assisting this family that other families have encountered similar issues with the agency’s new electronic form. If you or someone you know has run into something similar, please let HSLDA know so we can ensure that these issues are corrected. Together, we can make sure that no family in Vermont loses their ability to teach their children at home due to technical difficulties.

Peter Kamakawiwoole

Staff Attorney

Peter has been an HSLDA staff attorney since 2011, assisting member families in Connecticut, Nebraska, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, and his home state of Hawaii. Read more.

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