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October 25, 2006

Special Education Students Assisted

The Brown and Smith families* had determined that homeschooling was in the best interests of their special needs students. These families were frustrated with the special education evaluation process and the way in which they were treated by members of the evaluation teams.

With love, and caring and appropriate support, these families knew that they could provide the kind of custom education that would meet the specific needs of their children without being subject to the often cruel and harsh environment the public school creates for special needs students.

The question was: How to get out of the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) process and opt-out of the special needs assessment programs run by local school district? These families, like many, found that some of the members of these committees did not believe that parents could provide the specialized instruction that the students needed. Some of these team members believed the students would be far better off in the public school with what these officials considered “proper” techniques.

Tired of dealing with the demands and pressures of these committees, these families called Home School Legal Defense Association and Staff Attorney Michael Donnelly.

Donnelly was able to call and speak with the directors of the regional and local special education programs. Through these calls and additional letters the families were able to withdraw from the special education services process without any administrative appeals or further complications. The families were delighted that HSLDA was able to help them navigate through what is a complicated and often uncomfortable process.

* Not their real names.