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Virgin Islands
Virgin Islands

April 5, 2017

Governor Vetoes New Homeschool Law


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by Scott Woodruff Contact attorney for Virgin Islands

In a major interruption of the progress of homeschool freedom in the U.S. Virgin Islands, earlier this year Governor Kenneth E. Mapp vetoed the new homeschool law which the Senate passed, Bill 31-0391.

This means that U.S. Virgin Islands homeschooling families will have to wait even longer for a more friendly legal atmosphere.

On the other hand, since the governor has not signed a set of burdensome and intrusive homeschool regulations that the U.S. Virgin Islands Board of Education seeks to impose on families, the net result for now is that things stay the same; the familiar homeschool regulations established in 1998 remain in force.

The governor and the Senate recognize that the homeschool community earnestly desires a more friendly homeschool law and that we are committed to achieving this goal. We expect that the bill will be refiled following discussions with various parties, perhaps with slightly different language.

As we reported earlier, in the process of protecting freedom, a new organization has been created: U.S. Virgin Islands Homeschoolers (USVIH).  The USVI now has its own territory-wide homeschool advocacy and support organization!  The officers are:

  • President Amy Herrick;
  • Vice President Lori Edwards;
  • Secretary Dana Mackay;
  • Legislative Liaison Liz Combie;
  • Administrator Andrea King.