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School Official Calls HSLDA Arguments “Persuasive” and Retracts Unlawful Position

by Landon Farmer • January 8, 2019

Virginia law allows for parents with any educational background to homeschool their children if they use a program of study—a fact a Fredericksburg-area official failed to grasp.

A member of Home School Legal Defense Association submitted a notice of intent to provide home instruction in which she indicated that she would use a program of study.

Expecting a standard acknowledgment letter in reply, our member was surprised to find a letter in her mailbox from a school official demanding more information. The letter asserted that our member’s notice was “incomplete” and that it “failed to meet the requirements of Virginia [law],” due to the absence of a high school diploma.

Our member reached out to HSLDA for help.

HSLDA’s legal staff immediately prepared a letter and delivered it to the official, asking him to respect the law and acknowledge our member’s valid notice of intent. The following day, the official quickly retracted his position and sent HSLDA a letter agreeing that our arguments were “persuasive” and that our member would soon receive a letter acknowledging compliance with the homeschool law.

HSLDA routinely assists our members with situations like this, quickly resolving issues before things get out of hand with the local district.

Landon Farmer

Legal Assistant

Homeschool graduate Landon Farmer assists HSLDA members with legal issues and helps monitor state legislation.

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