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College Doesn’t Discriminate, But Website Still Does

by Darren Jones • April 23, 2019

A Home School Legal Defense Association member contacted us after finding admission requirements on a college’s website that seemed to discriminate against homeschool graduates.

The college in question was Tarleton State University. Their online information stated that homeschool students who did not meet or exceed specific test scores were not eligible for admission. What’s more, public school students who scored below that threshold could still be eligible for automatic admission, while homeschool students weren’t even eligible for individual review!

The member wanted to help her son apply to Tarleton, but something about their requirements (aside from the obvious double standard) didn’t seem right.

Time to Update

We looked into the situation, and discovered the member was correct.

Turns out the college website failed to reflect changes in education law that went into effect the year that students in the current graduating class were just freshmen.

Upon its enactment on September 1, 2015, Senate Bill 1543 amended the Texas Education Code regarding admission to Texas universities.

This addition stated that homeschool graduates are to be held to the same standardized test score requirements as public high school graduates. Additionally, universities that consider class rank in admission must assign homeschool students a class rank equivalent to the average rank of other graduates with the same standardized test score.

Happy to Help

We contacted Tarleton State University’s admissions director to point out the incorrect information online and verify that the college’s admission policy aligned with the 2015 changes. The director responded to verify that homeschool students were considered according to the legal standards.

Our member’s child quickly received his acceptance letter. And although it took a few more months, the university finally updated its website to follow the law.

Texas has such a good homeschool law that a lot of people don’t think any legal support is needed. But problems like the one our member experienced with Tarleton show the benefit of coming together as a homeschool community. Join or donate today to protect our children’s future!

Darren Jones

Senior Counsel

Darren is a litigation attorney and homeschool graduate who helps HSLDA member families resolve legal difficulties related to homeschooling. Read more.

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