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August 10, 2015

The Electrician, the Nurse, and Two Homeschool Diplomas

Staff Attorney Darren Jones is a member of HSLDA’s litigation team, which helps homeschool families who are facing legal challenges. He and his wife homeschool.

After a Kansas homeschool graduate completed the hiring process at a Texas hospital, she was about to start job training, but the hospital put her on hold. The reason? A negative background check. The hospital’s background investigator, HireRight, said it could not verify that the applicant graduated from high school because it refused to accept her parent-certified high school diploma.

That same week HireRight called HSLDA with questions about the high school diploma of another Texas homeschool graduate, who was pursuing an internship with an electric company. We asked HireRight to have the graduate contact us directly.


Within days, both the electrical intern and the hospital applicant contacted HSLDA about their experiences with HireRight. HSLDA Staff Attorney Darren Jones immediately wrote a letter to HireRight on behalf of each graduate. He pointed out that the parents of homeschool graduates have the legal authority in Kansas to certify their children’s high school education by issuing them a diploma when they graduate from high school. He encouraged HireRight to adopt the same policy as the military, most private and public colleges, and employers—which all accept the parent-certified diploma as proof of a homeschooled student’s graduation from high school.

Jones also sent a copy of his letter to the graduates and their employers. Assured that these applicants had graduated from high school, the hospital and the electric company promptly employed both graduates.

Ongoing Issue

HireRight did not respond to Jones’s letter, nor did it change its erroneous determination that these individuals had failed to graduate from high school. HSLDA is pursuing this issue to ensure that the background investigator’s verification policies do not discriminate against homeschool graduates.

While the story ended well for these two homeschool graduates, others continue to face the threat of discrimination. Please consider supporting HSLDA as we continue the fight for homeschool freedom. Donations to the Homeschool Freedom Fund assist us in defending more homeschoolers and graduates against discrimination.

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