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June 20, 2006

Tipster Admits ‘It’s Easy to Get Someone in Trouble with a Social Worker!’

A Texas Home School Legal Defense Association member’s relative boasted to their children “how easy it is to get someone in trouble with social services” by just making an anonymous phone call.

Sure enough, a social worker visited our member family soon after with a bogus referral about the parents physically abusing their children. Our member family, shocked, contacted HSLDA for help.

HSLDA Attorney Chris Klicka spoke with the social worker, explaining that he believed the allegation to be from the same person who made a bogus referral against the family back in October. Klicka assured the social worker that it was obvious that someone was using the system to harass the family since they were good parents who were providing excellent care for their children.

The social worker was still not willing to close the case until he was able to enter the family’s home and interview the children separately.

Klicka sent the social worker a letter stating how ridiculous the allegation was, but in order to prove the family’s innocence, the children were being taken to the doctor for physical exams to check for child abuse. Klicka assured the social worker the doctor’s report would be forwarded to him. In addition, Klicka had the family send numerous references, which vouched for the good parenting of our member family.

The letter stated that the family agreed to allow the social worker to stop by their home to talk with the parents and just see the children, however, the family was declining the social worker’s request to enter their home and to interview their children separately.

Since the meeting with the parents, reviewing several reference letters in defense of the family, and reviewing a clean bill of health from the family’s doctor, the social worker has not been heard from.

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