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May 17, 2006

Social Worker Threatens New American Homeschoolers

The Uduma family came from Nigeria a few years ago, hoping to provide for their family in this country. Mr. Uduma works very hard to make ends meet.

However, Child Protective Services did not have much sympathy for this family. On April 27, 2006, the Udumas had a social worker come to their front door. The social worker brought a police officer and insisted on entering the home and interviewing the children. The social worker had received, from an anonymous tipster, some false allegations concerning the children's education and whether they received sufficient food.

The CPS worker saw the children at the front door after the family called Home School Legal Defense Association Attorney Chris Klicka. The social worker knew the children looked very healthy, but still insisted that the she enter the home. Mrs. Uduma spoke very articulately about her love for her children and the hard times her family has had in America as they were trying to get started.

After talking at length with Chris Klicka the social worker agreed to his conditions. She simply walked quickly into the kitchen, looked in the refrigerator to ensure there was food, and walked right out. Needless to say, everything was resolved the authorities were able to go home.

We praise God for the resolution of this situation.

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