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April 12, 2006

Special-Needs Homeschooler Fights Excessive Demands

A father in south Texas heard about homeschooling and believed it would benefit his son, who was receiving special education services. Although he first intended to start homeschooling in the fall, after some incidents in school the family decided it would be best if they started homeschooling right away.

The father called the Home School Legal Defense Association to ensure that he was withdrawing his child in the correct manner. According to HSLDA's recommendations, he gave the school a letter to notify officials that he was withdrawing his son to educate him privately. The father also gave the school a second letter to inform them that he was withdrawing his son from the services he had been receiving under his Individual Education Plan (IEP).

This should have been the end of the necessary communication between the family and the school.

However, school officials wrote the family and told them they were required to sign additional forms, certifying that the child was having a "change of placement." Furthermore, they were told to attend a meeting with the public school officials.

HSLDA Senior Counsel Chris Klicka responded with a letter to inform the school that the family was operating a valid homeschool under Texas law and was not required to sign any additional forms. In addition, Klicka pointed out that the family had withdrawn from the special needs services and would be providing the services privately. He informed the school that the family would not attend a meeting or sign the form.

The family is very thankful for the help of HSLDA, and grateful that they can continue to homeschool.