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March 3, 2005

"Uncooperative" Family Threatened by Social Services

The W family in Denton was reported to social services by their neighbor, who was angry because there had been a dispute concerning his dog. As a result, he used the child welfare system, like so many others do, to retaliate against the family.

When the social worker came to the family's door they were able to explain that the situation was mostly resolved. However, a short time later the child welfare services supervisor assigned another social worker to follow up with the family, as the family had not allowed the first social worker entrance into their home.

Chris Klicka of HSLDA contacted the social worker after she went to the house and threatened the family by saying, "when people are uncooperative, they have something to hide." Of course, the family has a Fourth Amendment right not to let the social worker into their home, and simply standing on that right does not determine any guilt. A family, even during child welfare investigations, is innocent until proven guilty. Many social workers do not seem to understand or agree with this principle.

HSLDA sent a letter to the social worker indicating that the family was continuing to stand on their parental rights, and contrary to their neighbor's accusation had not been involved in any neglect of their children. The social worker finally discontinued the investigation.