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All this graduate needed to career was a license he was qualified for.

HSLDA Helps Work Out the Knots for Massage Therapy Candidate

by Dan Beasley • December 3, 2020

Josh, a homeschool graduate, had already completed school for massage therapy. All he needed to start his career was a license from the South Carolina Board of Cosmetology.

Unlike the three colleges that Josh attended after graduating high school, however, the board would not accept Josh’s high school diploma.

What was the reason? Josh’s parent-issued diploma wasn’t accredited by the South Carolina Department of Education.

Despite there being no requirement for massage therapy licensees to have an accredited high school diploma, the board told Josh they would not process his application until he submitted a diploma from an accredited school or passed a high school equivalency exam.

One Step Backward

South Carolina does not accredit homeschools or issue diplomas to homeschool graduates. Instead, parents or a homeschool association issue a homeschooled student a diploma upon his or her completion of high school.

Based on what the board was telling him, in order to obtain a license Josh would have had to take the GED exam. This would have cost Josh both time and money, and delayed his career plans—an especially aggravating prospect given that he had already completed the required coursework for the license.

Josh contacted Home School Legal Defense Association about the issue, and we were ready to assist.

With the help of academic records from Josh, his mother, and the homeschool association he belonged to during high school, we were able to send the cosmetology board a letter verifying Josh’s homeschool education and confirming the validity of his parent-issued high school diploma. Less than a week after we sent the letter, we got great news from Josh: he was licensed!

Membership with HSLDA helps support our work to advocate for qualified homeschool graduates like Josh.

Dan Beasley

Staff Attorney

Dan is an attorney and homeschool graduate who provides legal guidance and answers questions for HSLDA member families in 13 states. Read more.

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