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South Carolina
South Carolina

June 16, 2010

Bill Postponing Homeschoolers’ Jury Duty Enacted

Signed into law by South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford on May 25, 2010, Senate Bill 1300 provides for a postponement of jury duty for a person primarily responsible for the education of a child in a homeschool. The new law also applies to public and private school employees, teachers in charter schools, and instructors at an institution of higher learning, including a technical college.

According to the new law, a person’s jury service must be postponed to a date that does not conflict with the school term. “School term” is defined in the law as the instructional school year, generally from September 1 until June 30 or not more than 190 days.

A homeschooling parent selected for jury service who requests a postponement under the new law must provide evidence of educational responsibilities during a homeschool term coinciding with the dates of jury duty. The statute does not specify what constitutes sufficient evidence that the jury service would conflict with the homeschool term. In all likelihood, documentation indicating approval of the homeschooling program by the local school district, membership in the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools (SCAIHS), or membership in a homeschool association would be sufficient.

The new law went into effect the same day that the governor signed it.