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Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico

January 20, 2012

Family Challenged

An HSLDA member family in Puerto Rico was informed by local public school officials that they had to have written permission from the Department of Education before they would be allowed to homeschool. We informed the school district that, according to the law, homeschooling is not regulated by the government or the school district.

Homeschooling is legal in Puerto Rico when families set up a private school in their home. These schools are not subject to regulation by the public school or the government because they are non-governmental schools recognized both by the Puerto Rico Constitution and statues. The family has started homeschooling, and we await the reply of the school district.

It is not unusual for school districts in Puerto Rico to be unaware of the law regarding homeschooling. Many school officials assume that homeschooling is controlled and regulated by either the Department of Education or the local public school the child would have attended. Generally, we are able to resolve these disputes out of court, and our hope is we will be able to that for this family.

In order to maintain our freedom to homeschool free of oppressive regulation in Puerto Rico, it is important that homeschoolers continue to assert their right to be free of government oversight. Homeschoolers must not submit to the unreasonable and unlawful demands of school officials. We would not be able to help this family and many others without your support through your membership dues. Thanks again.