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January 25, 2018

Help an ECOT Family Stay on the Homeschool Path


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Mike Donnelly by MIKE DONNELLY
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Many Ohio families were no doubt surprised by the recent decision of an online virtual school to abruptly shut down operations. Although children enrolled in ECOT conducted education activities mostly at home, they were enrolled in public school.

In the wake of the school’s closing, Home School Legal Defense Association has had many families join and ask for help with homeschooling—something we’re delighted to do. If you know families who have been marooned by ECOT’s abrupt decision—we ask you to refer them here.

ECOT was paid for by the state. Now we are seeing parents who were involved in the program decide to continue educating their children in their home environment, but not under the control of the state school system.

Perhaps you can encourage them to stay strong in this new adventure. It would be especially helpful if some of our members could share with these former ECOT families HSLDA’s personalized help, support services, online resources, and most important—legal protection!

Homeschooling is best when it is led from the home. Even before the program ended, we saw many parents come to this conclusion after they found ECOT’s rigid requirements were not worth the state-funded computers and curriculum.

In the past we have seen school districts deal aggressively with students unenrolled from ECOT, and we are ready to provide these online virtual school refugee families with the help they need. But they can’t benefit from that assistance if they don’t know about HSLDA. Again, that is where you can help!

As the California situation has cast a shadow over all of homeschooling, I am quite sure that ECOT families filing their notices of intent to homeschool will receive additional scrutiny. HSLDA’s Ohio legal team is ready to assist families who need advice and support. As these families struggle to figure out what to do, I hope you will look for an opportunity to encourage them to keep their children home.

And for those families interested in joining HSLDA, please refer them here.

Here is some information to help you understand the story.

It’s a privilege to work the many thousands of homeschooling families in Ohio who are educating their children at home! Thank you for your membership and support!